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The Boys Season 3 Will Incorporate The Raunchy And Controversial Herogasm

At this point, Eric Kripke’s The Boys has pretty much de-sensitized most of us to all kinds of gore and violence. But every time we think this is the most the show has to offer, The Boys goes a step further to prove us wrong. While visceral imagery and unnerving violence might not be everyone’s cup of tea, the series has capitalized on its graphic imagery to become Amazon Studio’s most-watched show to date. And for its third season, Eric Kripke has confirmed that The Boys will incorporate the raunchiest and most controversial arc from the comics: Herogasm.

The Boys

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Like everything else in the comics, Herogasm is a front to allow the ‘superheroes’ to indulge in the vilest and repulsive hedonistic debauchery. From smoking pot made from aborted fetuses to being in a part of Human Centipede-sque orgy, Herogasm will outdo everything you’ve seen so far in the show.

Herogasm is a tied-in mini-series that further proves the fact that the superheroes in The Boys are the worst vermin on the face of the planet. In the comics, Herogasm is an annual event that is presented to the public as an extra-terrestrial threat where all the superheroes team-up to protect the planet. But in reality, it is a cover for a massive orgy fueled by every kind of intoxicant that is held on a remote island somewhere in the Pacific Ocean. Not the one to shy away from graphic imagery, the comics pretty much set the benchmark as the superheroes indulge in their fantasies, that is kinky at their best, and illegal at its worst.

The Boys Herogasm

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Though adapting everything from Herogasm in the third season will be a challenge despite the creative freedom Amazon Studios has bestowed upon Kripke and his team, another major challenge in adapting this risky and controversial mini-series is the manner in which it can be streamlined into the show. Since the series has deviated a lot from the comics at this point, Eric Kripke had his doubts and a fair share of obstacles to adapt Herogasm for the show. But now, according to his recent Twitter post, Herogasm is finally happening.

In 2019, after The Boys season one debuted on Amazon Prime Video, Kripke participated in a Reddit AMA where he revealed that the writers’ room “JUST figured out how to do Herogasm.” “It’ll come in Season 3 maybe (if we get picked up for Season 3),” he wrote. “I’ve really wanted to do it, but needed to figure out our twist on it, so it’s not just an hour of hardcore porn. But I think we got it!! Super excited about that.”

In the mini-series, as the superheroes are busy in their wild orgies, Homelander and Soldier Boy share an intimate moment. However, Eric Kripke has confirmed that Jensen Ackles, who will be playing the role of Soldier Boy, won’t be enacting the scene from the comics with Antony Starr’s Homelander. But nonetheless, the mini-series can play a pivotal role in revealing the secret of Victoria Neuman, the secret agent planted by Vought International in the White House.

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Herogasm also has another shocking panel that can potentially force Hughie to go down the path of vengeance. In the mini-series, Hughie is raped by Black Noir when the Boys are spying on the superheroes and the Vice-President of the United States. But since Black Noir has been neutralized for now in the show, thanks to a bar of Almond Joy and the badass Queen Maeve, it is yet to be seen if the series will incorporate this particular storyline. With Love Sausage confirmed to return in the third season, Herogasm can be a neat way to include the character, considering his…powers.

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Titled Herogasm, it will be the sixth episode of the third season that will be penned by Jessica Chou. According to Chou, the episode will be a “glorious madness”. We can only imagine to the extent The Boys can go to make its past violent imagery look pale in comparison.

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