The Boys Season 4: Black Noir’s Surprise Return Might Be a Sinister Plot by Show’s Most Diabolical Character to Take Down Homelander (Theory)

If this theory comes true, Homelander must watch his back at all times as Black Noir is coming for him.

The Boys Season 4: Black Noir’s Surprise Return Might Be a Sinister Plot by Show’s Most Diabolical Character to Take Down Homelander (Theory)


  • While Homelander killed Black Noir in ‘The Boys’ season 3, the trailer for season 4 shows that the character is back.
  • In theory, Noir could’ve been saved by Stan Edgar in order to kill Homelander, thus fulfilling his destiny that was seen in the comics.
  • Creator Eric Kripke states that the show will not end without Homelander meeting his demise.
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Anyone who has seen even a single episode of Prime Video’s The Boys will tell you that Homelander is absolutely crazy, and not in a good way. You wouldn’t want to cross paths with the superhero, who is anything but a hero. From leaving Flight 37 to crash to outing Queen Maeve on live television, Homelander has done some pretty messed up things.

A still from The Boys season 2, episode 4
A still from The Boys season 2, episode 4

One of the worst things the supe has done, though, is killing off his own teammate and friend, Black Noir, for withholding information from him. However, the fourth season’s trailer came with a surprising twist as you could clearly see that Black Noir was back from the dead. Now the question is, was the man inside the suit replaced, or did Stan Edgar bring him back to fulfill his mission as seen in the comics?

Black Noir is Back from the Dead in The Boys Season 4

Black noir in the boys season 4 trailer
Black Noir in The Boys‘ trailer for Season 4

The trailer for The Boys season 4 was more diabolical than ever, promising fans yet another rollercoaster. However, the thing that shocked fans the most was that just 48 seconds into the trailer, Black Noir is seen standing alongside Deep and A-Train. Yes, the supe that was apparently killed by Homelander in season 3 is miraculously alive.


It makes sense since Black Noir was able to survive Soldier Boy smashing his skull and splattering his brains. The supe is also known for his regenerative healing factor which makes it easier for him to heal himself and go on about his day.

From the comic books, we know that Black Noir was made as a direct clone to Homelander and is stronger than him, meaning he can put up a good fight with the supe. He was made to assassinate his fellow ‘The Seven’ member if he ever goes rogue and that is exactly what he does in the comics.

Coming back to the TV show, there is a chance that Noir never really died and was just seriously injured and on the brink of death. Perhaps Stan Edgar, the former CEO of Vought International, revived Noir in order to fulfill his comic book destiny of killing Homelander. The dupe-supe of Superman sure has gone rogue recently and no longer considers himself answerable to Vought.


This could seriously damage the foundation’s reputation and in turn, bring their entire supe operation to a stop. If Stan wants to save the company, now would be a great time to kill off Homelander. In order to do so, the show could take a more comic-accurate approach to his death by making Black Noir do the honors.

Homelander’s Death is Inevitable

Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys
Antony Starr as Homelander in The Boys

Homelander is one of the most beloved and hated villains out there. While fans love him for his satirical representation of Superman, they also cannot stand his monstrous personality. Needless to say, his death would be like a breath of relief for the viewers.

However, is there a chance that Antony Starr’s supe survives all the attacks coming from his enemies? Absolutely not. In an interview with Metacritic, creator Erik Kripke revealed that the show will not end until Homelander does. He stated that there are “ways to kill superheroes that are out in the world” before adding,


“There’s no way the series ends without Homelander dying. I’m just not comfortable with keeping that guy alive in the universe. We have to do something!”

It looks like Homelander should start counting days as his time in the fictional world is clearly limited. Whether it is Black Noir who kills off the supe or Karl Urban’s Billy Butcher, his end is inevitable and we couldn’t be more relieved!

The Boys season four will be released on Prime Video on June 13.


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