“We should all be afraid”: The Boys Creator Ominously Warns Fans About Show’s Season 4 as Things Take a Turn For the Worse

Eric Kripke reveals details about The Boys Season 4's storyline.

“We should all be afraid”: The Boys Creator Ominously Warns Fans About Show’s Season 4 as Things Take a Turn For the Worse


  • The Boys creator Eric Kripke shared plot details about The Boys Season 4.
  • He also explained how The Boys and Gen V would interact based on timelines.
  • Kripke asked fans to tune in to know if The Boys Season 4 would tease Gen V Season 2.
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Fans have been anticipating the new episodes of The Boys for quite some time already, but the long wait will soon be over as Eric Kripke’s satirical superhero show returns to Prime Video this 2024. In fact, the new trailer promises a very thrilling season.

Prime Video's The Boys 1
The Boys

The latest teaser for the show debuted at CCXP São Paulo on Saturday, exciting fans even more after witnessing the aftermath of the previous epic battle. It also maintains its R-rating which is definitely something to look forward to.

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The Boys Creator Eric Kripke Teased Season 4’s Plot

Eric Kripke previously talked about what fans should expect from The Boys Season 4. It will certainly pick up after the cliffhanger ending of the last season, noting Ryan’s turn to the evil side is something of quite significance. He stated via IndieWire:

I don’t think the game’s over yet. I think [Ryan] saw this one thing, and I think we should all be afraid because if he becomes another Homelander, that’s obviously really bad for the planet. But he’s still Becca’s (Shantel VanSanten) kid, and there’s still a shot that Butcher (Urban) can pull him into the light. [Season 4] will really be this tug of war over Ryan, as both men really try to get a grip on him.”

the boys-1
The Boys

Actors returning for the show include Antony Starr, Erin Moriarty, Karl Urban, Jack Quaid, Jessie T. Usher, Karen Fukuhara, Colby Minifie, Claudia Doumit, Laz Alonso, Chace Crawford, Tomer Capone, and Cameron Crovetti. Meanwhile, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Susan Heyward, and Valorie Curry will join the band in Season 4.

The project will continue to explore the comic book franchise not only in the original show but also in its spin-off series Gen V. An animated series entitled The Boys Presents: Diabolical is also something that many fans enjoyed.


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Eric Kripke Explains The Boys And Gen V Timelines

Gen V
Gen V

In another interview with Eric Kripke via Variety, he talked about the timelines of The Boys and Gen V, noting how the two shows would interact now that a new season is coming. He explained:

In our minds, it’s only a couple of days after whatever the events are of Gen V. We try to keep the timeline super simple because all that folding-in-on-itself timeline stuff that I think other comic book universes find themselves having to do is just bewildering for me as a viewer. So it’s all very modular.”

In simple math, the events will follow an interesting alternate sequence between seasons of the two shows. Kripke further added:


It’s like there’s Season 3 of The Boys, and then after that, Gen V takes place, and then after that The Boys Season 4 takes place. And then after that, Gen V Season 2 takes place. It’s all more like cars on a train than it is a plate of spaghetti.”

Gen V is set in the same universe as The Boys with a handful of familiar characters appearing in both series. Kripke was also asked if The Boys Season 4 would give some clues to Gen V Season 2, but the creator only hinted fans to tune in.

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