The Boys Theory: Real Reason Black Noir Betrayed Soldier Boy

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In The Boys Season 3 Episode 6, we see a lot of twists and turns. Homelander gets to realize that Soldier Boy is creating a ruckus and that Billy Butcher is the reason behind it all. MM and Starlight get into a fight with Billy and Hughie. A-Train finds his moral compass and ends up at loggerheads with Blue Hawk, the fight ending with the latter dying and A-Train suffering a cardiac arrest. But the one burning question we still do not have an answer to in the Herogasm episode is why did Black Noir run after realizing Soldier Boy is back? The TNT Twins reveal it was Black Noir’s idea to sell out Soldier Boy to the Russians. But why would he do that? Turns out, this The Boys Theory could give us an answer.


And if this The Boys theory is true, then the final few episodes of The Boys Season 3 will be freaking awesome.

The Boys – How Black Noir Convinced Payback To Betray Soldier Boy

the boys black noir
Black Noir – Vought Mole?

As Mallory recollects, the Nicaragua mission went haywire the moment the CIA allowed Vought’s Payback to become a part of it. Soldier Boy and the rest of the Supes ended up causing a lot of friendly fire and collateral damage. In all the mayhem, Soldier Boy, who was holding his ground against the Soviet Russia backed forces, mysteriously disappeared behind enemy lines. The Crimson Countess said that they killed Soldier Boy and took his body. Obviously she lied to cover their tracks.

TNT Twins - Herogasm Episode
TNT Twins – Herogasm Episode

In the Herogasm episode, the TNT Twins, the last of the Payback survivors apart from Soldier Boy, reveal that it was all Black Noir’s idea. Black Noir was the one who orchestrated the Russians taking away Soldier Boy and conducting inhuman experiments on him for decades. Luckily, Black Noir had already gone into hiding by then and was nowhere to be found. Soldier Boy may never manage to get a hold of Black Noir but that does not mean he will stop trying.

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But a New The Boys theory claims there’s a reason why Black Noir did it all. And according to this theory, Noir wasn’t the mastermind. And that brings us to…….


The Boys Theory: Black Noir Was Ordered By Vought To Betray Soldier Boy

Soldier Boy Was 'Taken' By Russians
Soldier Boy Was ‘Taken’ By Russians

The question that has got The Boys fans riled up is why would Black Noir even try to double-cross Soldier Boy? And there could be a plausible explanation for that. Black Noir has always been the silent kind. Vought has been keeping the guy under his payroll for quite a long time. While he is one of the greatest Supes to ever exist and a master at espionage and assassination, that is not the primary reason why Vought keeps him in their premier superhero team.

Soldier Boy vs Homelander
Vought Spied on both Soldier Boy and Homelander

According to this The Boys Theory, Black Noir is Vought’s watchdog. His job is not only working with Payback (and later the Seven) but also reporting their deeds and misdeeds secretly to the Vought higher-ups. As long as the Vought elites know what their most prized possessions are up to, they have the upper hand. Soldier Boy was once their flagship product. But his luck ran out after his misadventures in Midtown. The repeated blackouts that Soldier Boy states he suffers from must be a solid reason why Vought may have come to the conclusion that Soldier Boy is slipping. And Nicaragua was a way to get him out of the picture.

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Vought instructed Black Noir to take Soldier Boy down by any means necessary. And he orchestrated the entire thing as per Vought’s instruction. Stan Edgar was probably in on it and The Legend – who was Senior Vice President of Vought Hero Management must have also been part of the decision.

If Vought Betrayed Soldier Boy, Does It Mean Soldier Boy Teams Up With Homelander Now

Soldier Boy betrays Butcher and Teams Up With HomelanderNext
The Boys Theory: Soldier Boy betrays Butcher and Teams Up With Homelander Next

If this The Boys theory is true, then a terrible genie is going to get out of the bottle. As of now, Soldier Boy, Hughie, and Billy Butcher are working together to take down Homelander. And they almost managed to do it last time. They will probably not stop until Homelander has been taken down.

Black Noir - The Boys Season 2
Black Noir in The Boys Season 2

But it is inevitable that Black Noir resurfaces in the next few episodes left. And Vought’s hand in Soldier Boy’s disappearance would obviously lead to major changes in the power dynamics in the show. Right now, Homelander is outnumbered and outgunned. Billy and Hughie have enough Compound V24 to jack themselves up to Supe level for more than a couple of times. With Soldier Boy on their side, victory is assured.


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When Black Noir reveals the truth, Soldier Boy will rethink his stance. He may have said he isn’t a bad guy but a level of betrayal as this could easily sway allegiances.

Black Noir Actor Nathan Mitchell Seemingly Hints At This The Boys Theory

the boys black noir billy butcher
Nathan Mitchell as Black Noir

Nathan Mitchell, who plays Black Noir in The Boys, has hinted that the show may be giving Black Noir a major character twist. In the comic, Noir was responsible for the show’s greatest ever twist, with revealing himself as a Homelander Clone. The show has taken creative liberties but from the looks of it, Vought is still using Black Noir as a fai;-safe of sorts, to take down the most powerful Supes if absolutely necessary.

Major Plot Soldier Boy Twist Awaits
Major Plot Soldier Boy Twist Awaits

Nathan Mitchell explains to Express and we quote:

“For Noir, I think he’s around powerful people he has to deal with. As much as he wants to push for what he wants, he comes up against blocks. He can only do so much. While he is a Supe, there’s a way in which his ambition is limited. I think as we go later in the season, we can see what he chooses to do in order to take a stand for what he wants, for himself.”

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Black Noir’s role in Payback and The Seven was to act as a mole. It always has been.



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