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The Dumbest Comic Book Villains of All Time

There have been a number of prominent villains in comic book history. In popular culture, antagonists or villains who go on to ruin towns, countries, identities, and even planets create a strong sense of indifference after suffering through horrible ordeals. However, some comic book villains’ terrible reasons are simply too bizarre to be believable. Let us have a look at some of them:

Villains from Comic Books
Supervillains from the Superhero Fiction World.


1. One of Hank Pym’s lesser-known adversaries, The Living Eraser

Villain - The Living Eraser
The Living Eraser, making use of it’s only Supervillain power.

That’s right, you read that correctly. The term ‘Living Eraser’ leaves little to the imagination of its readers. He’s an eraser-alien from another world, and he’s about as absurd as comic book villains can get. His ability to make things disappear with his mind is identical to that of an actual eraser. Eraser lacks any attributes or values that might entice you to cling to him. He’s not cool as an evil guy, and you just can’t understand his point of view.

2. Asbestos Lady (based on 1940’s scientific logic)

Villain - Asbestos Lady
Marvel Supervillain: Asbestos Lady

That’s all there is to it: a lady who surrounds herself with asbestos. She didn’t have any special talents or capabilities; she merely donned an asbestos-based costume. She was an opponent for the Human Torch and used a weapon coated with asbestos bullets capable of piercing the Torch’s blazing flesh. When scientists discovered that asbestos is a deadly carcinogenic material, Marvel attempted to make reparations. For that reason, she was brought back so that she could be diagnosed with lung cancer, which she died of at the age of 45.

3. Flag Smasher: Marvel’s futile attempt for a Captain America nemesis

Villain - Flag Smasher
Flag Smasher: Supervillain as a nemesis for Captain America.

Flag Smasher, as the name implies, is a villain who does not “pledge loyalty to any flag” and instead aspires for all nations to join. The main concept was to confront Captain America against an adversary who is equally as passionate about politics as he is, but who has no established national basis. While this may appear to be a good objective, the Flag Smasher achieves it via terrorism and bloodshed (oh the irony). In the comics, Flag Smasher meets a less-than-honorable end when one of his minions becomes irritated and shoots him in the back (yeah LOL)

4. The weird, headless Ruby Thursday

Villain - Ruby Thursday
Ruby Thursday, with no brain and a computer for her head.

Passively objectifying women with an outfit that shows off a little too much of her human endowments, villainess Ruby Thursday is a bit of an eccentric, since she doesn’t have a normal brain. Instead, she possesses a computer that can shift into many shapes due to its superior intelligence. But, for some reason, it never decides to transform into a human head; instead, it rests on her shoulders as a large red ball. The first thing one of her supervillain comrades says to her is that she has a great physique despite the fact that she doesn’t have a face, and we’re still not sure how to respond.

Comic books are a place of refuge for bizarre and fantastic ideas. While none of these villains are expected to pose as big dangers in films anytime soon, they will always be remembered as bumbling baddies in comic books.

Written by Alfeeya Pathan

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