“The fail that keeps failing”: Bill Maher Slams Timothée Chalamet, Kate Winslet and Others for Regretting Working With Woody Allen in Hottest Take of 2024

Bill Maher took shots at major A-listers for regretting working with Woody Allen.

“The fail that keeps failing”: Bill Maher Slams Timothée Chalamet, Kate Winslet and Others for Regretting Working With Woody Allen in Hottest Take of 2024


  • A plethora of prominent figures, who worked with Woody Allen in the past, shared regret over associating themselves with the director in the wake of the accusations.
  • On the flip side, Bill Maher vehemently defended controversial director Woody Allen during his Club Random podcast.
  • The TV host further criticized the actors for sharing regret over working with Allen in the wake of the accusations made by his daughter.
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Industry biggies, including the likes of Timothée Chalamet, Kate Winslet, and Oscar-nominated filmmaker Greta Gerwig, have shared regret over working with controversial filmmaker Woody Allen. While Allen, who was accused of s-xually molesting his daughter Dylan Farrow, wasn’t convicted of anything in the ’90s, Farrow once again spoke against the alleged incident in an open letter in 2014.


As the allegations resurfaced, several actors shared remorse over associating themselves with the director. But in a recent episode of Club Random podcast, Bill Maher seemingly defended Allen against the allegations and even took shots at actors, who’ve distanced themselves from the director.

Bill Maher Criticizes Actors for Distancing Themselves From Woody Allen

Allen might never direct a movie again (Image: Wikimedia Commons)
Woody Allen | Credit: Wikimedia Commons

With allegations against Woody Allen resurfacing in the wake of the #MeToo movement, most of Hollywood distanced itself from the filmmaker. This was followed by the HBO documentary series, Allen v. Farrow, which further delved into the s-xual abuse allegations that were made against the director back in ’92.


Bill Maher, known for his political talk show Real Time with Bill Maher, engaged in a heated debate with a journalist during his Club Random podcast, as Maher admitted he “flat-Out Believe Him (Woody Allen)”. This wasn’t the end of it, as he also took shots at other celebs, who shared regret for collaborating with the director after the allegations resurfaced.

Bill Maher | Credit: Wikimedia Commons
Bill Maher | Credit: Wikimedia Commons

Maher said:

“There’s these actors who won’t work with him anymore and some of them made movies with him are saying, ‘I regret doing that.’ What a bunch of p——!. First of all, it’s a very improbable crime that they’re accusing him of. Plainly, the other party had motivation and [was] vindictive.”

Unsurprisingly, following the nature of the accusations, fans were quick to backfire on the TV host for his controversial stand.



In the podcast, Maher further took shots at the HBO documentary series Allen v. Farrow, suggesting it might’ve been biased toward Dylan Farrow’s mother, Mia Farrow’s perspective.


Timothée Chalamet Refused to Earn a Profit From His Collab With Woody Allen

Speaking to the New York Times, Greta Gerwig, who starred as Sally in Allen’s To Rome with Love, said had she been aware of the allegations, she wouldn’t have worked with the director. The Barbie filmmaker wasn’t alone as actors including, Kate Winslet, Selena Gomez, Blake Lively, Kristen Stewart, Rebecca Hall, Diane Keaton and Cate Blanchett too shared a similar viewpoint.

While Timothée Chalamet, who starred in Allen’s A Rainy Day in New York, never directly addressed the controversy in any interviews, he did make an IG post (now deleted) to clear the air.

Timothee chalamet
Timothée Chalamet | Dune (via Warner Bros. Pictures)

Chalamet clarified that following his contractual obligations he wasn’t allowed to speak directly about joining forces with the controversial director. But the Dune star stressed he wouldn’t keep a penny from his work in the rom-com, stating that he’d donate his earnings to three charities, Time’s Up, the LGBT Center in New York, and RAINN.


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