The Game Awards 2023: Two Final Fantasy 16 DLCs Announced

The first DLC 'Echoes of the Fallen' is now available.

The Game Awards 2023: Two Final Fantasy 16 DLCs Announced


  • Final Fantasy 16 announced two DLCs at The Game Awards 2023.
  • The DLC Echoes of the Fallen is out now on PS5 and The Rising Tide will launch in Spring 2024.
  • Players can get both DLCs at a discount with the FF16 Expansion Pass.
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The Game Awards 2023 treated fans with several new game announcements, trailer reveals, and more, and one of the biggest announcements was the two Final Fantasy 16 DLC expansions by Square Enix.


The two DLCs, Echoes of the Fallen and The Rising Tide were announced via a new trailer during the presentation, which showed combat and hinted at the story. These will be the first DLC expansions after the game’s initial release earlier this year on PlayStation 5.

Two Final Fantasy 16 DLC Expansions Revealed at The Game Awards 2023

Final Fantasy 16 has announced two new DLCs at The Game Awards 2023.
Final Fantasy 16 has announced two new DLCs at The Game Awards 2023.

The story of Final Fantasy 16 revolves around the Eikons, powerful beings that have human hosts called Dominants as they use their weapons in the world of Valisthea.


The game has been appreciated for its storytelling and engaging action-RPG combat, but the story also left players with some unanswered questions, hinting at new content expansion.

The developers later confirmed that the game will be getting two paid content expansions with a PC release and teased it to take Clive’s story further. The DLC expansions were finally announced at the event, but sadly nothing was said about the PC release of the game. FF16 composer Masayoshi Soken also won The Game Award for Best Score and Music.

One of the two expansions, Echoes of the Fallen has already been released for PlayStation 5 and is available to download and play after it was shadowdropped at The Game Awards. The Rising Tide is set for a Spring 2024 release, but no specific date has been announced. Players can purchase the Echoes of the Fallen expansion for $9.99 from the PlayStation Store, and the price for The Rising Tide has yet to be revealed.


Square Enix also announced that players can purchase both expansions together at a discount with the FF16 Expansion Pass for $24.99. For players who have yet to play the base game can get the title on the PlayStation Store at a discount of 40%. This is in celebration of the TGA 2023 awards and nominations.

Echoes of the Fallen expansion will bring a new story, battles, weapons, accessories, level caps, and more for players. The story of the expansion has been confirmed to take place before the main game’s final battle.


The trailer shows Clive receiving some kind of dark crystal from The Hideaway’s merchant Charon and several of such crystals are all around the black market. The story of the expansion on the PlayStation Store has been described as:

As the sun sets over the land of Valisthea, strange, dark crystals begin to circulate on the black market. Could they be the sinister fruit of a long-slumbering Mothercrystal—one the world never knew existed?

Setting out in search of answers, Clive and company encounter a group of suspicious traders. Their trail leads them to a long-abandoned Fallen tower known as the Sagespire and the terrible secrets that await within.

Clive and the team will investigate all these crystals and eventually reach the Fallen tower called the Sagespire. They will face powerful enemies at the Sagespire and try to unearth the secrets.

One of the expansions, Echoes of the Fallen is now available on PlayStation 5.
One of the expansions, Echoes of the Fallen is now available on PlayStation 5.

Players purchasing Echoes of the Fallen or the Expansion Pass will get bonus items including the Buster Sword, Cloud’s iconic weapon from Final Fantasy 7, and the “Away (1987)” Orchestrion Roll which will allow players to play the chip-tune version of “Away” as background music in the hideaway.


Nothing much has been known about The Rising Tide expansion, other than that it will be bringing new challenges for players and judging from the trailer, they will be going to a new region known as Missidia.

The trailer did not give much about the story and only showed new landscapes, creatures, and monsters players will be taking on. It has also been revealed that expansion will have the “confrontation between Clive and the legendary Eikon, Leviathan.”

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