“The hierarchy has absolutely changed”: The Rock Might Not Return to the DCU Again After James Gunn Went Scorched Earth Post Black Adam Box-Office Failure

The Rock Might Not Return to the DCU Again
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It can’t be denied that the recent developments at DCU have left the fans in complete disarray. While various reports about the scrapping of Wonder Woman 3 and other talks about several recasts were revealed, Henry Cavill’s departure from the role of Superman raised quite a buzz on the Internet. Now following Cavill, the future of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Black Adam also looks extremely bleak.

Black Adam manages to stay afloat at DCU
Black Adam

Even after a grand marketing campaign and an intense level of hype, Black Adam failed to fulfill the expectations. It received highly mixed reactions from both the fans and the critics and even failed at the box office earning a mere amount of $389.5 million. Now as James Gunn’s new plans for DCU are unveiled, the fate of the Man in Black is highly debatable.

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Is The Rock a part of DCU’s future plans?

Dwayne Johnson and his team wasted no effort to make the return of Henry Cavill’s much-waited return in DCU in the mid-credits scene of Black Adam. But even after so much hype, Cavill’s Man of Steel couldn’t make it to James Gunn’s final plans who announced their decision to introduce a younger Superman.

The Rock
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

While Henry Cavill‘s exit clearly points to a reboot of the DCU, the disappointing box office result of the 2022 movie hints more at the cancellation of its sequel. On the other hand, some reports also accused The Rock of sharing misleading information to prove his film to be a profitable venture even after it was announced to be a flop.

Although James Gunn has spoken about the importance of Superman in DCU, he kept his mouth shut from revealing any details on the future of Black Adam. This has also led to visible confusion among the fans who have considerable doubts regarding the return of the former WWE Wrestler to the Gunn-Safran fortress.


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The fans are uncertain about the return of Black Adam

James Gunn
James Gunn’s DCU plans suggest a complete makeover

Following the departure of Henry Cavill from the DCU, the fans don’t think the new bosses will consider The Rock’s return, given that his movie also turned out to be a loss for the studio. This also led to many fans speaking up about how all his efforts in pleasing the fans in Black Adam didn’t lead anywhere as eventually the British actor only lasted for a cameo in the new era of DCU.



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Despite all the reactions and theories, we will have to wait for the official statement by James Gunn to know about the future of Black Adam. As the fans say, it can be agreed that certainly, it was not what Dwayne Johnson meant when he said about the change of the DC hierarchy. But although a large section of the Internet is against Gunn for his decisions, he already stated that not all his decisions will be pleasing to the fans but they are necessary for the long-term future he is planning.


Black Adam can be streamed on HBO Max.

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