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The Last of Us Season 2: Top 5 Unanswered Questions That Fans Want to be Revealed in Upcoming Season?

the last of us season 2

The first season was an enormous success despite the ‘curse’ that lurked around other attempts at video game adaptations. It has clutched HBO’s highest viewership since Game of Thrones in 2011. The gaming community and TV show buffs have applauded it all season long through all the heavy emotions, darkness, and violence that The Last of Us Season 1 had to offer. While the show has already signed up for a prequel in mid-season, the finale has left the audience pondering the fate of the storyline and its characters alike.

Joel , Ellie and a Cordycep.
Joel, Ellie, and a Cordycep.

*Multiple spoiler alert*

1. Will Ellie ever know the truth about the hospital?

We have seen Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal) as victims of the precarious nature of the world ridden with Cordyceps. However, They have managed to trust each other, especially in episode 8 where they embrace each other after a violent fight with David. In the season finale, Joel decides to ‘save’ Ellie from the doctors and Fireflies. Ellie has no idea when she wakes up from anesthesia, she is then lied to about the series of events by Joel.

Ellie is Captive
Ellie is Captive

2. Is Joel delusional?

Joel has a truly tormented past, after having lost his daughter, Tess, and a few others down the road. He still mourns his losses but Ellie seems to be his purpose to survive and protect. Although Joel’s decision to save Ellie over a potential cure for the fungus is seemingly impractical to the eye of an observer, It is still justified in his head. How will this mindset change the course of the fate bound to this story? and is he doing the right thing?

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Distressed Joel
Joel is Distressed

3. Are there any more like Ellie?

In the season finale, Anna a pregnant lady in labor is caught in a chase sequence by a zombie. She manages to run away and slay the zombie, immediately after which Ellie is born. The immaculate timing of the event led to Ellie being immune. This is why Marlene (Annas’ childhood friend and leader of the Fireflies) vows to take care of baby Ellie, but she doesn’t know that she is immune yet. The question that arises is: have there been any more cases like these? If so, how will they impact the storyline?

New born Ellie
Newborn Ellie

4. How many seasons?

The Last of Us 2 video game has a lot to offer within its storyline, more than the prequel. Showrunners have mentioned that there are so many upcoming events that are vital to keeping the show as intense as it is. It will be almost impossible to squeeze them into one season. This hints towards many more seasons to follow but as of now, season 2 will start production very soon.

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Cast Of The Last Of Us
Cast Of The Last Of Us

5. How many more changes?

The adaptation has already made changes in certain instances and characters in order to carve it into a show, but there are also a few tweaks made to the storyline in terms of Bill and Frank. Bill is a playable character in the game who joins Joel and Ellie on their journey for a while, the game suggests that Frank is already dead when the two meet Bill. What more can the showrunners do to keep the gaming and non-gaming audience guessing what’s next in store and how will it impact the tightly-knit storyline of The Last Of Us?

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HBO's The Last of Us
HBO’s The Last of Us

Source: Cosmopolitan

Written by Nirmaan Godamkar