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The Office – Andy’s 5 Biggest Freak-Outs

Andy Bernard is to this day one of the most divisive characters on The Office, and it’s hard to argue against his character assassination in the last two seasons, especially his final character arc in the last few episodes. That said, he wasn’t without his stand-out moments, and here’s a list of Andy’s 5 biggest freak-outs.

5. The Jello Prank

andy's 5 biggest freak-outs
Ed Helms as Andy Bernard

The first on the list for Andy’s 5 biggest freak-outs… On his arrival to his new branch after his transfer from Scranton, Jim pulls out the old faithful item in the jelly prank. However, unlike when he pulled it on Dwight, Andy reacts in a much more explosive manner, shouting through the office asking for the culprit, and kicking over a trash can.

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4. Dwight and Cornell

andy's 5 biggest freak-outs
Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute

In his own way of irritating Andy, Dwight takes a new interest in Cornell. Dwight intends to join Andy’s beloved university, which naturally enrages Andy to the point he has to take over Dwight’s Entry Interview. Not only is it obvious that Andy doesn’t want Dwight joining Cornell, it fulfills Dwight’s need to annoy his co-worker to the point of freaking out. Changing his questions after asking, making stuff up and generally doing what he can to inconvenience and screw over Dwight, Andy makes it clear Cornell is only for Andy.

3. His Way of Cutting Ties with Dunder Mifflin

andy's 5 biggest freak-outs
That’s One Way of Quitting

One of the only good things to come from season nine, and that that last character arc of Andy becoming famous, is his decision to leave Dunder Mifflin in search of fame and fortune. In doing so, his co-workers try to persuade him otherwise, telling him it’s a terrible idea and that he’s destined to fail. Sticking to his plan, he burns his bridges by taking the ultimate action of defecating on David Wallace’s car, ensuring he can’t be rehired if things don’t work out.

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2. Rude Comments on Youtube

When trailer for The Office documentary is released, Andy more-so than anyone else takes a vested interest in public reaction. He’s seen scrolling through Youtube video comments most of the day, instead of working. The first few are complimentary, which he responds to in kind, but then a few are less so. He gets his standard angry reactions and starts to respond to every negative comment. The only thing he didn’t do was turn up at their doors, a la Jay and Silent Bob, but I don’t think it’s a stretch to imagine him actually doing that.

1. Punching the Wall Over His Cell Phone

Andy’s Anger Issues

Number one on the list of Andy’s 5 biggest freak-outs and it’s another ill-fated prank from Jim on Andy, and another explosive reaction. After getting annoyed by Andy’s ringtone, Jim takes his cell phone and throws it into the ceiling, within earshot but hidden away. He then rings the phone, which alerts Andy to the fact his phone is missing. Throughout the day Andy grows more annoyed by his missing phone, before freaking out and punching his fist through the wall in anger. Bonus fact: Originally Ed Helms was supposed to leave the show after this, but the writers and crew liked him and his character so much, it was rewritten to have him do anger management classes instead.

There have it, Andy’s 5 biggest freak-outs. What have I missed and what would you have added?

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