The Rock’s BFF Kevin Hart’s First Standup Show Was So Horrible He Was Booed Off Stage, He Now Makes $60M a Year

The Rock's BFF Kevin Hart's First Standup Show Was So Horrible He Was Booed Off Stage, He Now Makes $60M a Year
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Kevin Hart has cemented himself among the leading celebrities in the Hollywood industry. Initially kicking off his standup comedian journey, he also stepped into the acting industry and made a name for himself. His career in itself is an inspiration however it was not that glamorous in the initial stage.

Kevin Hart
 American comedian, Kevin Hart

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While he is now an established personality, he has never hidden his flaws. Back in 2012, he opened up about his first stand-up comedy show which was the ultimate failure.


Kevin Hart Shared His Bomb Performance Experience When He Began Stand-Up Comedy

Kevin Hart
Comedian-actor, Kevin Hart

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The 43-year-old actor, Kevin Hart in an interview with Chicago Tribune addressed the early time in his stand-up career when he was booed frequently. He opened up that his first standup performance at The Laff House in Philadelphia under the name Lil Kev was a complete bomb.

He recalled once, the situation got much worse resulting in his comedic performance turning out to be a major disaster.


He claimed that one heckler threw “a half-eaten chicken wing” at his face. Though he tried to handle the situation on his own by calling out the person who disrupted his stand-up comedy, he immediately backed off.

He shared that the size of the man was much more than he could have handled which is why he decided not to engage with that man. He was booed offstage which could have broken him however it only made him stronger.

In his audiobook, The Decision, Overcoming Today’s BS for Tomorrow’s Successhe addressed his shortcomings and shared,


“That’s my job … as [I performed] at said sh*t-hole or said small environment, I realized that each one of those opportunities was a way for me to work on me, my craft.”

He continued,

“And I’m supposed to take something out of that moment that’s good. Whether it’s two laughs, whether it’s 20, whether it’s 100, I have to take something away from this experience.”

Recognizing his potential, he continued to evolve and pursued his goals to become what he is today.

How Much Does Kevin Hart Make Yearly?

Kevin Hart
American actor, Kevin Hart

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The Jumanji actor has done a commendable job in exploring his interests and using different tools like social media to further marginalize his profits.

While his annual income varies from project to project, as per Parade, his tour is among the prominent sources of income through which he gets between $40 million and $60 million per year.

Forbes reported that his 2015-16 tour, What Now? made him a whopping $70 million. As of now, his net worth is estimated to be around $450 million, with at least $90 million of it from his comedy career.


His net worth is the culmination of his comedy and acting career, with several endorsements and advertisements.

Source: Chicago Tribune, Parade


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