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Rockstar Games Inc. is a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive, and Rockstar Dundee is a subsidiary of Rockstar Games. If you are unfamiliar with the legendary publisher that is Rockstar Games, then you might be aware of some of its published titles, which include: the Grand Theft Auto series, Red Dead Redemption series, Max Payne series, L.A Noire and much more. 


As the publisher has continued to grow, it is now managing nine different subsidiary studios. The aforementioned Rockstar Dundee (formerly known as Ruffian Games Limited) is one of those entities, and before it was acquired in 2020, the company almost adapted an incredible horror film into a video game. The movie in question was John Carpenter’s The Thing and it appears the title would have faithfully followed the narrative of the film.

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The information in question comes from a Twitter/X user, @SWEGTA. The account is specifically set up to provide news on Rockstar Games and this post provided fans with an interesting piece of information by sharing this history. There are also images attached which show some of the initial concept animation. The post which details the development of The Thing says:

“Rockstar Dundee, prior to becoming part of Rockstar Games in 2020, worked on a canceled video game adaptation of John Carpenter’s horror classic “The Thing”.

The writers over at Rockstar Games have always been big movie fans, and we’ve seen them pull off horror quite well with Manhunt.

I’d love to see them revive this project after they’re done with GTA 6 and Bully 2…”

Why Rockstar Games Should Revive The Thing Project, If Given the Chance 

The Thing was never full developed, but it should be revived by Rockstar Games for a future release.
The Thing was never full developed, but it should be revived by Rockstar Games for a future release.

If Rockstar Games were to use its subsidiary to revive The Thing, the publisher could likely do incredible work. Rockstar Studios has a history of making high-quality titles, but there is a noticeable lack of horror games under its belt. Fans of the movie, as well as those who love scary video games would certainly fight for a chance to play The Thing. And as gamers wait on Rockstar to provide more information for GTA VI, news of an additional title could ease some of the tensions.

John Carpenter is a master of horror and Rockstar Games should take full advantage of his intellectual property if possible. He is the creator of some of the most popular films of all time including: Halloween, Christine, The Fog, and much more. 


The director, writer, and musician has become a legend among film goers, but his influence in video games is only somewhat recognized. Even Michael Myers, the infamous slasher from Halloween has only seen modern video game appearances in Call of Duty and Dead by Daylight. The last standalone title featuring the villain was a 1983 Atari game. This just shows the video game world could use a little more John Carpenter.

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Interestingly enough, The Thing was made into a video game in 2002, and even received generally favorable reviews. Nevertheless, 21 years later fans of the film want a new adaption from Rockstar Games, since technology has advanced significantly since that time. This fire was only fueled by the new information about Rockstar Dundee and the images included. There has also been demo footage released showing what the game could have looked like, which can be viewed below:

The Thing (2013) - Realtime Unreal Engine 4 Demo

What do you think of the fact that the Rockstar Games subsidiary, Rockstar Dundee, was working a video game adaption of The Thing before being acquired? Should the title be revived under new management or should gamers go back and play the 2002 version instead? Leave a comment and let us know your thoughts. 

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