The Witcher: 6 Most Confusing Facts About Geralt Of Rivia

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The Witcher is a Polish-American television series created by Lauren Schmidt Hissrich. It is based on ‘The Witcher’ written by Andrzej Sapkowski. This series is a fictional one inspired by medieval times, exploring the legend of Geralt of Rivia and Princess Ciri. This Netflix’s adaption had a successful opening season. However, as it had made its second season, it had placed itself in a unique position by contradicting the fundamental views, which left the viewers confused due to some of its reasoning behind the actions. Let’s look at some of the scenes that confused the viewers.


Geralt’s philosophy on evils: Using one of the iconic quotes of Sapkowski, Geralt showed his views on the evils as how evils are evils; no matter how less, more, or mediocre they are, they are equal. His opinion on how there will be a choice between the evils and he would instead not choose at all shows his strong point of view. But despite this, Geralt chooses evil at the end of the episode to go back to the city, leaving viewers wondering about his fundamental philosophy on evil.

Geralt’s philosophy on lesser and greater evils


How do Geralt feel about his fame? When Jaskier runs into a white-haired witcher in the first season, he discovers that many of the creatures he sings about are fake. After which, Jaskier promises to make Geralt famous by singing his glory. At that time, Geralt showed his lack of interest in his fame. But once he became famous, he chose to happily accept all the benefits of his fame.

How do Geralts’ feel about his fame?

Took help from a djinn to cure his insomnia: In Season 1, Geralt confesses that he has insomnia and searching for a djinn to cure his sleeping problem. Geralt finds a djinn, and his fight with Jaskier causes the creature to break free and injure them. After which, Geralt seeks help against the djinn. This destruction forced the viewers to think about why Geralt chose a dramatic solution to his insomnia problem.

Looking for Djinn to cure his Insomnia


Why does Ciri trust Geralt, even when they had just met? The first episode of Season 2, when Ciri meets Geralt for the very first time, it showed some moments when Ciri starts trusting him too much. All this leaves the audience wondering how can Ciri trust a total stranger she just met even after being repeatedly betrayed by her closest ones.

Why does Ciri trust Geralt, even when they just met

Killing his fellow Witcher and Friend Eskel. From the beginning of the series, we all know that Geralt and Eskel are close friends and how vital Geralt’s friends are in his life. So it becomes baffling how Geralt didn’t think of any other idea to save his friend from his leshen transformation and just put a sword in his chest without a second thought.

Killing his fellow Witcher and Friend Eskel


Trusting Yennefer after she betrays him yet again. Yennefer and Geralt always had a problematic relationship in which Geralt saved Yennefer again and again. Still, she never missed any chance to betray him, let it be manipulating or leaving him in an encounter with Villentretenmerth. So, it makes no sense to the viewers why Geralt had trusted Yennefer again for the protection of Ciri after Rience finds them in Melitele.

Trusting Yennefer after she betrays him yet again



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