“Their chemistry is so sweet”: Despite Hinting at a Potential Nova Debut in the MCU, Iman Vellani Does Not Have Her Eyes on Richard Rider

Speaking about a potential Young Avengers film, Iman Vellani expressed her interest for her character Kamala Khan to join forces with Miles Morales and Sam Alexander.

“Their chemistry is so sweet”: Despite Hinting at a Potential Nova Debut in the MCU, Iman Vellani Does Not Have Her Eyes on Richard Rider


  • The Marvels movie was not a box office success, but the chemistry between Brie Larson, Iman Vellani, and Teyonah Parris was a bright spot.
  • The Ms Marvel star suggested a superhero name for her character, which led to speculation about a potential Young Avengers film.
  • Vellani believes that Sam Alexander, Miles Morales, and Kamala Khan would make a great team, but she is unsure about the team's name.
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Though The Marvels did not set the box office on fire, the chemistry between Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel, Iman Vellani’s Ms Marvel, and Teyonah Parris’ Monica Rambeau, was the bright spark of the film. One of the entertaining threads that ran through the plotline, was Vellani’s Ms Marvel attempting to come up with creative superhero names for Parris’ Monica Rambeau.

Iman Vellani
Iman Vellani in Ms Marvel

While the Ms Marvel star put forth many fun monikers for the character, the name Nova that she suggested, made audiences wonder if she was hinting at the potential future appearance of Richard Rider, aka Nova, in a possible Young Avengers film. Vellani though, was quick to clarify that she was in fact, wanting to see another version of the character.

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This Is Iman Vellani’s Choice For Nova

The culmination of The Marvels starring Brie Larson and Iman Vellani, dropped major hints about a potential Young Avengers roundup which could be the next big project for the MCU. While there is still no confirmation or information regarding this, Vellani, for her part, seemed to hint at the presence of one Marvel character who could play a significant role, if the film materialized.

The Ms Marvel actor’s entertaining game of finding a superhero name for Monica Rambeau in the film, led to audiences wondering if one of the names, Nova, was indicative of the Marvel character Richard Rider aka Nova, and his possible inclusion in a film based on Young Avengers.

Champion Comics
Iman Vellani believed that Sam Alexander, Miles Morales, and Kamala Khan, were a great team

Vellani though, was quick to state that she was actually a fan of the other iteration of the character named Sam Alexander, a thirteen-year-old hero who inherited a Nova helmet from his father. While the young star was hypothetically open to having both versions of Nova, she spoke to The Direct about why Sam Alexander appealed to her, along with her affinity for Miles Morales and The Champions comics, in which her character Kamala Khan also features.


“I love Sam Alexander, and I love Miles [Morales]. I’m a big fan of The Champions comics, especially the more recent runs. Like Kamala, Miles, and Sam, their chemistry is so sweet. And I want her to have like more that young energy in her life. So yeah, those two would probably be my top choice. I think.”

When asked if Champions would be a better name for her team than Young Avengers, Vellani stated that she loved the former, but wasn’t sure how the fan base would react to the name.

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Iman Vellani Believes Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Kamala Khan Make A Great Team

The possibility of a Young Avengers film in the MCU is still in a very nascent stage. But that didn’t stop Ms Marvel star Iman Vellani from dreaming about a potential team of young superheroes led by her character Kamala Khan. While the star held her cards close to her chest regarding the various young superheroes who could feature in the ensemble, she expressed her desire to see a crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. In an interview with The Direct, Vellani said,


“I would love to see a team-up [with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man]. Their team-ups in the comics are honestly one of my favorites. So, that would be cool.”

Tom Holland
Iman Vellani wanted Tom Holland’s Spider-Man and Kamala Khan to join forces.

Like The Marvels actor, fans too would be extremely eager to see these two young stars join forces sometime in the future. Until then, it remains to be seen if Marvel and Kevin Feige make a Young Avengers film happen.

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