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“There are things that you have to let go of”: After Gruelling Shooting Process, Pedro Pascal is Not Anymore the Man Behind Mandalorian Mask

"There are things that you have to let go of": After Gruelling Shooting Process, Pedro Pascal is Not Anymore the Man Behind Mandalorian Mask

Being one of the top names in the realm of TV hasn’t been easy for the Internet’s daddy and constantly moving from project to project has taken a toll on Pedro Pascal’s health. Over the last few years, Pascal has led several critically acclaimed projects, most notably The Mandalorian and HBO’s The Last of Us. Although it doesn’t seem he’s going to move forward from these IPs anytime soon, he might have already started to take the required measures to manage his workload.

With him set to return for a 4th season of the critically acclaimed show, it seems his work nowadays has been mostly limited to voicing rather than pushing his body by working in the heavy suit.

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The Mandalorian
The Mandalorian

Pedro Pascal might no longer be the man behind Mandalorian’s mask


While opening up about the grueling process that he had to endure while crafting The MandalorianPedro Pascal implied that his job now is limited to voicing Din Djarin than actually playing him in the suit. Considering that the actor initially struggled to work in the suit for months, Pascal expressed that his body can’t take the physical toll much longer and they figured out a different option for the process. With him now shifting to voicing the character for the most part, the heavy lifting in the suit is mostly carried out by the body doubles. He explained the situation by stating,

“There was an extended amount of experimentation, being in the suit for a lot of it, and frankly, my body wasn’t up for the task as far as, like, the four months of it… I think that there are things that you have to let go of in terms of what can be an OCD level of attention to detail. But even so much as wanting your component of that to fit perfectly into the collage, you really have to give it all up.”

Although the actor might have reduced his time in the suit in order to lessen the physical toll on his body, the future of the actor after the fourth season of the Star Wars show might be a bit uncertain.

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Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin
Pedro Pascal as Din Djarin

Pedro Pascal’s future as Din Djarin after season 4 remains uncertain

Even though Jon Favreau is having a blast making The Mandalorian and has already crafted the script for the next entry, the future of Pedro Pascal in the role appears a bit uncertain. Despite returning for a 4th season, the future of Pascal after this season isn’t guaranteed, as he is moving toward more high-profile projects, and slowly shifting away from the heavy lifting in this show.

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Pedro Pascal
Pedro Pascal

Although we might have to wait to witness how Pascal’s story as Din Djarin unfolds in the fourth season, many insiders believe that this might be the last time we will witness him as the fan favorite.

The Mandalorian is available to stream on Disney Plus.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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