‘There was a version where he didn’t make it’: Stranger Things Creators Reveal One Major Character Who Was Nearly Killed in Fourth Season

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Stranger Things has made our lives a bit brighter with every passing season although gloomier with each intermittent death. Ever since the Duffer Brothers’ sci-fi show took over Netflix, somehow the monsters and children became the talk of the town. Everyone could only talk about the Demogorgons and Steve Harrington’s hair or David Harbour and Winona Ryder’s brilliant on-screen presence.

Stranger Things Enzo and Hopper
Enzo and Hopper remunerate in their shared cell in Kamchatka Prison

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The show also sprang forth dozens of outstanding cast and they not only added to the perfect execution of the Duffer Brothers’ vision but also helped launch themselves as up-and-coming talents in the movie and television industry.


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The Characters Who Stole Our Hearts in Stranger Things 

Stranger Things introduced us to the first bad-boy turned hero/babysitter/monster-hunter, Steve Harrington. And his fate has been put to the test more times than most. Although quickly climbing up the charts in fan favoritism, the creators took pleasure in teasing his demise with every season’s approaching climactic battle finale.

Stranger Things deaths
Barb, Bob, and Billy — the loss of Stranger Things supporting characters

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Other supporting characters to have made it into our constricted hearts have not had so much to deal with a looming death but were equally faced with the prospect, and among them are Dr. Owens, Erica, and Dimitri/Enzo. The ones who did not meet such a merciful hand were Eddie Munson, Chrissy Cunningham, Barbara Holland, Benny Hammond, Billy Hargrove (although debatably liked), Bob Newby, and the oddly adorable Russian scientist, Alexei.

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The Re-Written Fate of Dmitri Antonov: The Prison Guard

The creators of Stranger Things were creative when it came to apportioning the deaths of the aforementioned characters. Although hardly likable, the execution of some of the characters’ end scenes made it roughly excruciating, if not horrifying. Beginning with Alexei’s childlike glee at winning a fun fair prize moments before being stabbed to death to Billy’s sacrificial last stand, all of their ends were meaningful in their own strange way.

Stranger Things Enzo
Tom Wlaschiha as Enzo/Dmitri Antonov

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The fate of Enzo (played by Game of Thrones veteran Tom Wlaschiha) was also quickly rising up the charts in likeableness. And keeping with the Stranger Things tradition, death favors the likable supporting characters the most. However, the death was rewritten and Enzo’s fate soon took a different arc in Season 4 Vol 2 of the series. Matt Duffer revealed in an interview:

“In terms of who makes it, who lives or dies. I think there was a version where Dimitri, AKA Enzo, didn’t make it. Then, he ended up making it. But that’s [the most] radical of a departure from the original idea versus what we ended up with.”

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The Netflix series has been renewed for a fifth season which is expected to start production sometime next year. Stranger Things Season 4 is available for streaming on Netflix.

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