“There’s so many secrets”: Zendaya Found it Difficult to Work in Tom Holland’s Spider-Man Because of Marvel Being Extra Cautious With its Movie Scripts

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Zendaya has established herself among the successful actresses due to her strong career. Kicking off her acting journey with Disney at a very young age and her role in Spider-Man: Homecoming opened doors for new possibilities. While she didn’t have much presence in the first film, its sequels compensated for the same and rose her to global stardom.

American actress-singer, Zendaya

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While her career at Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) gave her much exposure and experience unlike her past experience at Disney, she also had a difficult time working on the projects.


Zendaya Got Candid About Working in MCU

Zendaya and Tom Holland as MJ and Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home
Zendaya and Tom Holland as MJ and Spider-Man in Spider-Man: No Way Home

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The 26-year-old actress, Zendaya portrayed the role of Michelle Jones-Watson, better known as MJ, in the Spider-Man films alongside Tom Holland who played the titular character.

Talking with Variety three years ago, she opened up about her working experience in the MCU. She was content with being a part of her debut Marvel film even though she knew her part was not big in the first film. However, she shared about being lucky as


“They already kind of wanted to re-create the character and turn her into a new version of what I think maybe the original Mary Jane character represented, and just do it in our own way in this Marvel Cinematic Universe.”

Comparing her time at her other hit show, Euphoria, she stated,

“It’s massive. It’s very different from ‘Euphoria,’ where it’s close and you have more time. Whereas on something like “Spider-Man,” it’s such a huge thing.”

She knew that her work in the superhero franchise is entirely different from the ones she has been working on yet. However, it was overwhelming for her as she did not have much idea about the film she was working on, due to MCU’s famous technique.

Zendaya Opened Up About MCU Being Filled With Secrets!

Zendaya in Spider-Man No Way Home
Zendaya in Spider-Man: No Way Home

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Being one of the biggest superhero franchises in the world, it is bound to keep several things under wraps to avoid leaks. She continued,

“And there’s so many secrets, and half of the script you can’t even read because there’s too many spoilers for, at the time, ‘Endgame’ and all these other things.”

There are times when scripts would get edited or major information is missing to avoid any spoilers.

“It’s like, you don’t really know what you’re doing.It’s just so big that you’re like, ‘I’m just going to figure it out as I go.'”

Given the fact that the spoilers could end up hinting at something important to their projects, the franchise tries its best to conceal major details from its actors. Meanwhile, a fourth sequel to Tom Holland’s Spider-Man film series is in development.


Source: Variety


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