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“They canceled batgirl to revive a bad movie from 20 years ago”: WB Faces Heat Yet Again for Preferring White Characters With Keanu Reeves Constantine 2 Over Minority Inclusive Projects

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Constantine, starring Keanu Reeves has been a cult classic movie since 2005. With an equal amount of negative and positive reviews, the movie never made it big but it didn’t go down small either. Amidst the news of Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max canceling the Constantine reboot series that was in development, calls for racism have been heard across platforms as Keanu Reeves is confirmed to return for a sequel to the cult-classic Constantine (2005).

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Keanu Reeves was the lead actor in Constantine (2005).
Keanu Reeves was the lead actor in Constantine (2005).

Fans Outcry Racism As Keanu Reeves’ Project Was Greenlit

Fans had been already blaming the new CEO of Waner Bros. Discovery for canceling the Batgirl project that had completed almost 90 million dollars worth of shooting! Shouts of racism were heard as the film featured a non-white American actor Leslie Grace as the lead actor in the movie.

The original series Constantine (2014) featured Matt Ryan at the lead role.
The original series Constantine (2014) featured Matt Ryan in the lead role.

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With the recent news that Constantine 2 is in the works, a reboot of the 2014 American series Constantine got canceled by Warner Bros. Discovery and HBO Max due to unknown reasons. The fans felt it was unfair to the series, since the series was rumored to have a black protagonist play the role of John Constantine instead of a typical white person.

The fans took to Twitter and tried to address the issue of racism that has been alleged to occur behind the scenes at Warner Bros. Discovery.

Along with the canceled Constantine reboot series, a series by the name of Madame X was also canceled which was supposed to be a part of the Justice League Dark project.

Keanu Reeves Returns for Constantine 2 

Keanu Reeves will return as John Constantine in the upcoming sequel.
Keanu Reeves will return as John Constantine in the upcoming sequel.

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It is confirmed as of now that the John Wick actor will indeed be returning for his iconic role of John Constantine in the upcoming sequel, the canceling culture at DC has gained a heavy backlash. Although these are still rumors, one cannot deny the fact that Ezra Miller’s The Flash is still releasing despite the actor’s recent controversies. And now, the return of Keanu Reeves was appreciated but it was at the cost of the rebooted series that was in development which also was rumored to feature a black actor in the lead.

The canceled Batgirl project only adds fuel to the fire as blame for David Zaslav pours in about how he wants to make an all-white movie. Constantine (2005) and the series Constantine (2014) are available to stream on Prime Video.

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