“They MCU-fied the comics”: Wolverine’s Latest Update in Marvel Comics is Similar to the Halfwit New 52 Design of Giving Superman an Armor

Fans debate about Wolverine's new armored look from an upcoming Marvel Comics issue.

“They MCU-fied the comics”: Wolverine’s Latest Update in Marvel Comics is Similar to the Halfwit New 52 Design of Giving Superman an Armor


  • Wolverine is currently at the center of the Sabretooth War storyline in the pages of Marvel Comics.
  • Solicitations from upcoming issues reveal Wolverine will get an upgraded suit reminiscent of Superman's New 52 look.
  • Fans question the viability of an Adamantium armor for Wolverine and call the new look unnecessary.
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Wolverine is slated to make a massive comeback this year with Hugh Jackman set to reprise the iconic role in Deadpool & Wolverine. However, on the comic book side of things, fans are already accusing Marvel of MCU-fying Wolverine with the reveal of his new updated look from an upcoming comic issue.

Wolverine as depicted in Marvel Comics’ Sabretooth War storyline

Wolverine is set to get a suit of armor for the final chapters of the Sabretooth War storyline in the comics. However, the new look is reminiscent of the armored look given to Superman in DC’s New 52 reboot, while being similar to the MCU’s Iron Man suit. As a result, fans are pretty divided regarding Wolverine’s new armored look, and here is what they are saying about it on social media.

Wolverine’s Latest Marvel Comics Look Evokes Memories of Superman’s New 52 Armor

In the pages of Marvel Comics, Wolverine is currently facing off against archnemesis Sabretooth in the Sabretooth War storyline from writers Benjamin Percy and Victor LaValle. A new look at the upcoming comic issue Wolverine #49has revealed a brand new look for Wolverine, which features him in an Adamantium armor.

Superman’s armored suit in New 52

After the look made its way online, fans were quick to point out the flaw with the suit since Wolverine’s entire skeleton is already clad with Adamantium, a nearly indestructible metal. Hence, the suit of armor seems as pointless as the armored look of Superman from DC’s New 52 era. Considering Superman is almost invulnerable, the armored look left fans divided.

However, unlike Superman’s costume change, Wolverine’s armored look has a more justified reason. The brief summary released with the early look at Wolverine #49, reveals that Wolverine will likely lose his traditional healing factor and/or Adamantium powers at some point during the Sabretooth War storyline. Hence, an Adamantium suit of armor would allow him to level the playing field.

Fans Unhappy With Wolverine’s New Adamantium Armor Look

Irrespective of the narrative context, fans were quick to judge Wolverine’s new look on the pages of Marvel Comics. Most fans felt it was pointless to add an Adamantium armor to Wolverine’s costume given his entire skeleton is grafted with the metal.

Wolverine’s New Adamantium Armor
Wolverine’s new Adamantium Armor to debut in Wolverine (Vol. 7) #49

Here is what fans are saying about Wolverine’s new armor-clad look on X.



As the tweets suggest, most fans seem unhappy with Wolverine’s updated look as they believe the superhero does not need a suit of armor to stand his own in a fight. Some fans even compared the suit to Iron Man’s suit, and accused the comics of ripping off the MCU movies.

Nonetheless, within the context of the Sabretooth War storyline, which is still unfolding in Marvel Comics, the reasoning behind the armor will become clearer. Moreover, Wolverine previously adorned a similar suit of armor, called Ablation Armor, after losing his healing factor. As a result, Wolverine’s updated look is not an entirely new concept in the comics.

The Sabretooth War storyline began with Wolverine (Vol. 7) #41 and will conclude with Wolverine (Vol. 7) #50. The 49th issue in the series, which will see the full debut of Wolverine’s new Adamantium armor, is slated to hit shelves on May 8, 2024. The issue is written by
Victor LaValle and Benjamin Percy with Geoff Shaw serving as the penciler.

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