“They pulled out at the last minute”: No One Would Finance Jennifer Lopez’s New Movie, So She Did It Herself With Her Gargantuan $400M Fortune

When her project was devoid of any financial backers, Lopez became her own financial supporter by paying for her film from her own resources.

"They pulled out at the last minute": No One Would Finance Jennifer Lopez's New Movie, So She Did It Herself With Her Gargantuan $400M Fortune


  • Jennifer Lopez is all set to release her upcoming musical film, titled This Is Me... Now: A Love Story, on Prime Video.
  • It was revealed that the financial backers of the film decided to pull out from the project at the last minute, disabling the film's further production.
  • Thus, the actress and singer decided to continue the film with her footing the cost of production from her own resources.
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The entertainment industry is too much of a volatile place where things can go up or down, left or right, or in circles in mere moments, especially when it comes to the creation of feature films. Actress and singer Jennifer Lopez has been a veteran of the industry, making a name for herself as a multitalented individual who can easily be backed up by financial institutions for her reputation to deliver.

Jennifer Lopez in a still from The Boy Next Door
Jennifer Lopez in a still from The Boy Next Door

Thus, when she learned that the financial backers for her upcoming musical feature film This is Me … Now: A Love Story, she was naturally surprised. But despite this major setback, Lopez took this challenge head-on and decided to take the financial burden upon herself and foot the bill of the film with her own resources.

Jennifer Lopez Financed Her Upcoming Film on Her Own

Jennifer Lopez in a still from The Mother
Jennifer Lopez in a still from The Mother

When you are an established individual in the entertainment industry with a reputation as massive as Jennifer Lopez, one might assume that there will be a lot of entities that would back you up when you need it. But even the Grammy Award-winning singer was in for a shock when the financers for her upcoming film This is Me … Now: A Love Story backed out from this project last minute.


But unlike this event becoming the end of their vision for many, the actress had little problem solving this issue. Since she is worth over $400 million today, she decided to foot the cost of the film’s production on her own. In a recent interview (via The Hollywood Reporter), the Love Don’t Cost a Thing singer revealed how she had to make a quick decision to go ahead with this project, even if it meant she would have to pay for it directly. She said:

“Everybody thought I was crazy when I said I would do it. We did have financing, and then that fell out. They pulled out at the last minute, and then it was that moment where you go, ‘OK, do we just make a video or do we go ahead and do this thing?’” 

While the actress had faith in herself and the project, her producing partner Elaine Goldsmith-Thomas had some reservations about the star producing the film on her own. But seeing Lopez’s dedication to making this happen, she developed the faith that the star had in herself.

What Is This is Me … Now: A Love Story About?

Jennifer Lopez in a still from This Is Me... Now: The Love Story
Jennifer Lopez in a still from This Is Me… Now: A Love Story

Adapting the title of her latest superhit single This Is Me… Now, the singer is all set to create a highly visualized experience of her highly scrutinized love life for the public.


The film is all set to feature Lopez as herself, taking everyone on a journey through events of her life that shaped her into the woman she is today. Along with creating allegorical relations to her experiences, it will also visualize her list of romantic relationships in a musical manner, up to the point in her life when she’s happily married to her husband and actor Ben Affleck.

This Is Me… Now: A Love Story, streaming on Prime Video from February 16th, 2024.


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