“They spoiled the whole arc”: Fans are Enraged After One Piece’s Egghead Arc Opening Gives Away Far too much

The Egghead arc opening reveals major spoilers for the ongoing One Piece anime.

"They spoiled the whole arc": Fans are Enraged After One Piece's Egghead Arc Opening Gives Away Far too much


  • One Piece anime is currently starting to adapt the Egghead arc after the conclusion of the Wano arc.
  • The opening of the latest episode reveals major spoilers for the arc.
  • Fans are sharing their opinions about the opening and complaining about revealing so much spoiler via Twitter.
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One Piece has been hailed as the most well-written manga and anime series for more than two decades now and shows no sign of slowing down at all. One Piece anime recently started the adaptation of one of the most-awaited arcs of the series, the Egghead arc, which is arguably the darkest of the series.

the one piece
The One Piece

Recently, TOEI released a new anime opening for the arc and it contained many major spoilers for the series, which surprised a lot of fans and viewers and they took it to X, formerly known as Twitter, to discuss this and share their opinions.

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One Piece’s latest opening spoils the entire Egghead arc and reveals major characters

One Piece has been the most dominant anime and manga franchise of the past few decades due to its well-crafted storyline.

The series has gained a fandom beyond comprehension due to its amazing characters and the fantastic journey of the straw hats.

The anime also managed to grab a spot in the top three most-in-demand shows worldwide in 2023, along with Attack on Titan and Jujutsu Kaisen.

lilith in one piece egghead arc teaser
Lilith in One Piece Egghead Arc teaser

As the anime began the adaptation of the Egghead arc, a new opening was released for the fans, which contained heavy spoilers.

The opening not only revealed many major characters but also depicted many fights, which the fans would be getting to see in this arc. This came as a surprise to a lot of fans, who took it to X to share their opinion.



The manga readers were surprised by the number of major spoilers the opening had but the anime would not be able to recognize them.

One Piece has always given major spoilers, whether it be through their titles or their opening. This has been a part of One Piece for a long time.


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More on One Piece

One Piece had a fantastic year in 2023, with the franchise achieving major milestones globally as well as in Japan.

The manga volume sales were one of the highest, with One Piece selling over 7.18 million copies worldwide in 2023 and placing third in the ranking behind JJK and Blue Lock.


A reboot of the story has been announced, which will be animated by studio WIT, which has done several renowned projects in the past.

One Piece Egghead Arc Poster

No release dates for the new episodes produced by WIT have been announced yet but more information about them is expected to be released soon.

One Piece manga is currently focusing on Kuma’s past, the twisted history of celestial dragons, and the crimes they have committed over the years.


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