“This guy was born to be Superman”: Beating Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel Physique Was Never David Corenswet’s Goal While Bulking Up For Superman

Also, let’s be real...like the most of us, David Corenswet is also not a big fan of LUNGES!

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  • David Corenswet, set to play Clark Kent in James Gunn’s upcoming Superman, has a unique approach to transforming into the iconic superhero.
  • Instead of aiming to beat Henry Cavill’s formidable physique, Corenswet focuses on becoming the best version of himself.
  • DC fans have recently seen the first glimpse of Superman’s iconic costume, which was shared by Gunn.
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When it comes to transforming into an iconic superhero, for example, Superman, most of us would expect a grueling regime filled with rigorous workouts. Did we forget to mention those strict diets? Of course, that’s also a requirement, after all, donning the role of the Man of Steel is not a small feat.


But for David Corenswet, who is set to play Clark Kent in an upcoming project, the journey to becoming Superman was anything but conventional. James Gunn’s Superman is scheduled for release in 2025, and just lately, DC fans have gotten the first glimpse of the character’s iconic costume. 

James Gunn’s Superman is scheduled for release in 2025
David Corenswet as Superman | Threads @jamesgunn ; Photo by Jess Miglio

Celebrity PT Paolo Mascitti, who teamed up with Corenswet to help him bulk up for the role, teased that the actor didn’t set out to beat Henry Cavill’s breathtaking physique from the previous Superman flicks. Instead, Corenswet focused on becoming the best version of himself and providing his own unique spin to the iconic character.


David Corenswet Achieved Superman-Worthy Muscles Without Chasing Henry Cavill’s Physique?

Who said that achieving superhero status required walking in the exact footsteps of those who portrayed the character before? Certainly not for David Corenswet, who embarked on his transformative journey to embody the iconic character in the upcoming flick, Superman.

Rather than trying to imitate Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel physique, Corenswet, accompanied by the masterful guidance of celebrity personal trainer Paolo Mascitti, established his own path to phenomenal fitness. And this path acknowledged his human quirks, like a distaste for lunges along with a penchant for cereal. 

Rather than trying to imitate Henry Cavill’s Man of Steel physique, David Corenswet established his own path to phenomenal fitness. And this
Henry Cavill in Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice (Image credit: DC)

In a recent unfiltered chat with GQ, Mascitti, renowned for shaping Hollywood’s finest, revealed the efforts The Politician star has put into preparing for the role—efforts that went beyond even the loftiest expectations:


“He was on around 6,000 calories a day and his diet was strict, but not as strict as I would have liked. Half of his training had to be done over FaceTime and half in person as he wasn’t in Los Angeles all the time. We’d speak remotely and I’d ask him about his diet and he’d be eating cereal! He’d ask, ‘What’s wrong with cereal!?’ But that’s why he’s the perfect Superman, he has a realistic expectation of himself and the role.”

But even James Gunn’s Superman has something he doesn’t enjoy doing. Mascitti admitted that Corenswet’s true weakness was his dislike for walking “lunges”, but his dedication to the role never wavered:

“He isn’t the biggest fan of them, but he does it. He’s great at squats, but he just doesn’t enjoy lunges.”

Mascitti could not resist praising Corenswet’s will and endurance while complimenting Gunn on his splendid casting!

James Gunn Strikes Gold: The Making of Superman with David Corenswet

David Corenswet | Credit: @paolomascitti/IG.
David Corenswet | Credit: @paolomascitti/IG

According to Paolo Mascitti, who has helped many stars train for demanding roles, David Corenswet’s alignment with Superman’s ethos is as clear as a bright day. In jest, the former revealed that there is no disagreement over Corenswet’s efforts because:


He is Superman. James Gunn is amazing at casting people, and this guy was born to be Superman. Ask any cast or crew member, David is the nicest guy, and I think, the perfect Superman.”

The new Superman suit made its formal debut not too long ago. James Gunn, the writer-director of the forthcoming flick, posted a first look at Corenswet dressed as the Man of Steel to his Threads account. Upon first glance, fans may notice that Superman’s suit is rather worn out and dirty, indicating that he will be engaging in a lot of rough-and-tumble combat in the film. 

Well, while Corenswet may not have embraced every aspect of his training regime with open arms, his sincerity and commitment to the role set him apart as a superhero in his own right. And who knows, maybe a bowl of cereal or two was just the fuel he needed to save humanity after all!

Superman is scheduled to open in theaters on July 11, 2025!


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