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“This has only been pushed on him by the Kardashians”: Fans Claim Kim Kardashian Forced Brad Pitt To Endorse Controversial Genderless Skincare Line ‘Le Domaine’

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Brad Pitt’s first and latest skincare line, Le Domaine, has become the cause of the public’s frustration after celebrities increasingly hop on the trend of launching personalized brands on the beauty market. Le Domaine is cited as being a genderless skincare line that is a product of the collaboration between the Perrin family and Brad Pitt. But the world couldn’t care less as the company is clearly not a consumer-friendly line, rather builds its reputation on exclusivity with its ridiculously exorbitant prices.

Brad Pitt
Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt’s New Skincare Line is Genuinely Concerning

For a globally renowned celebrity to make a move towards acknowledging and reinforcing the necessity of manufacturing and delivering genderless essentials is worth celebrating. Why then has Le Domaine become the subject of ridicule? Well, the Brad Pitt skincare line demands a price so high that it becomes an investment only for those interested in progressing their social status hierarchy. In that sense, the skincare company is not at all an acknowledgment and a reinforcement of a genderless beauty line but instead profits off of their “forward thinking” and progressive standpoint in an already over-saturated market.

Brad Pitt launches Le Domaine
Brad Pitt launches Le Domaine, a new genderless skincare line

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This also stands as an affront to businesses building themselves from the ground up and who are actually devoted to making skincare accessible across the spectrum. Most businesses wouldn’t refrain from pushing an agenda for profit but when one adds unnecessary competition in an already cut-throat market space, it draws more negativity than respect for the person responsible. Pitt’s move further comes in an era populated by a barrage of Kardashian skincare lines like SKKN and Kylie Cosmetics.

Brad Pitt's new skincare line ridiculed for exorbitant prices
Brad Pitt’s new skincare line ridiculed for exorbitant prices

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Brad Pitt Faces Public Wrath After Launching Le Domaine

The relevance of Brad Pitt launching a skincare line is baffling. In comparison, it is understandable for a spiritually elevated Gwyneth Paltrow to launch Goop, or for the Kardashians with their unrealistic beauty standards to launch SKKN (etcetera), or for Harry Styles with his obsession with painted nails to launch Pleasing. How, then, is Le Domaine a personalized statement from Brad Pitt and why would people empty their savings to buy it?

The online claim about Le Domaine being pushed on Pitt by the Kardashians is a sensible one because it is both unnecessary and looks to profit off of a socio-political agenda. The Kardashians have, over the years, faced accusations of Blackfishing and appropriation because of propagating an idealized body image that has cultural significance to Black women, despite being white. Their exploitation of a specific culture now bears the same tone as what Brad Pitt is trying to pawn off with his launch of Le Domaine.

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