“This is messed up”: Fans Destroy James Gunn’s Superman Legacy for Allegedly Kicking Out Egyptian Actor for Speaking on Israel-Gaza Conflict

Superman Legacy lashed out for allegedly firing actor for speaking on the Israel-Gaza conflict

“This is messed up”: Fans Destroy James Gunn’s Superman Legacy for Allegedly Kicking Out Egyptian Actor for Speaking on Israel-Gaza Conflict


  • Superman Legacy is set to release in 2025 and will kickstart the new DC Universe.
  • Comic book fans can not wait to see The Man of Steel back in action, now under the direction of James Gunn.
  • However, the movie has recently been a center of controversy due to allegedly firing actor over the Israel-Gaza conflict.
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After years of anticipation and a changing landscape, the DC Universe will have a reboot with Superman Legacy. The visionary filmmaker James Gunn has been entrusted with the monumental task of spearheading a brand-new cinematic story. This story is set to begin with the chapter of the one who started it all – Superman. 

DCU co-CEO's James Gunn and Peter Safran on the red carpet
James Gunn with Peter Safran

The Last Son of Krypton will fly back to the silver screens in 2025, now under the direction of Gunn. Fans will see a younger version of The Man of Steel exploring his internal struggles in a world skeptical of his ideals. Fans have been waiting for the movie for ages, but its excitement has recently hit a snag. Some recent developments have cast a shadow over the project, embroiling it in unexpected controversy. 

Superman Legacy Called Out For Allegedly Parting Ways With Bassem Youssef For Speaking On Israel-Gaza Conflict

Bassem Youssef in Upsidedown (2023)
A still from Upsidedown (2023)

Egyptian-American comedian, TV host, and actor Bassem Youssef recently appeared on Salon Talks. In the interview, he revealed that he had a role offered in Superman Legacy, but was informed that the role was no longer needed. While the official reason given was a change in the script, Youssef finds the real reason to be something else. Youssef has spoken a lot in favor of Palestine in many places and believes this to be the real reason behind his firing from the role. 


“Because of that, I was cast in the movie, “Superman,” and then they told me, “We changed the script,” after this Piers Morgan interview. I want to assume good faith. I want to know, I want to believe that this is true. I was a little bit bitter, and I wanted to go, I was like, “Oh, screw DC, screw Warner Bros.”

Fans were angry upon hearing this and let their frustration out on social media. However, a few tweets also suggest that Youssef was removed from the project due to a genuine script change.





What to Expect From James Gunn’s Superman Legacy?

David Corenswet in The Politician
A still from The Politician movie

The anticipation for Superman Legacy has surely taken a hit after the recent developments. However, fans are still rooting for the movie and some even expect it to be better than Man of Steel! The movie will be based around a younger version of The Last Son of Krypton. However, it will not be an origin movie.

Peter Safran, the co-CEO of DCU, has described the movie Superman as “the embodiment of truth, justice, and the American way; he’s kindness in a world that thinks of kindness as old fashioned”.  At present, the movie’s release date is scheduled to be July 11, 2025, and will also feature the debut of Guy Gardener, a member of the Green Lantern Corps. 


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