“This season has given Jack Quaid a lifelong fear of…”: Blame Karl Urban for ‘The Boys’ Scene Giving Permanent Trauma to Jack Quaid

Karl Urban revealed which scene from The Boys season two made Jack Quaid scream for his life.

Blame Karl Urban for 'The Boys' Scene Giving Permanent Trauma to Jack Quaid


  • The Boys actor Karl Urban's speedboat driving was a nightmare for Jack Quaid.
  • Quaid shouted the safe word multiple times but Urban didn't slow down.
  • Urban hilariously narrated how Quaid has now developed a lifelong fear of boats.
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The Boys has become one of the most beloved TV series on Amazon Prime Video since its debut on the streaming platform in 2019. Since then, the show has received three phenomenal seasons and is already gearing up for the fourth.

Karl Urban in The Boys
Karl Urban in The Boys

A key reason behind the success of the series is the unmatched chemistry between the actors. Karl Urban and Jack Quaid share phenomenal on-screen chemistry, which has taken the show to great heights.

Evidently, they have developed a close friendship off the screen as well. Friendship can sometimes lead to lifelong fears, just ask Jack Quaid.


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Karl Urban Instilled a Lifelong Fear in Jack Quaid

Jack Quaid The Boys
Jack Quaid in The Boys

The Boys season two featured several memorable moments. But not many come close to the whale scene. It remains one of the most iconic on-screen scenes in TV history.

Speaking of the scene in a 2020 interview with Entertainment Tonight, Karl Urban revealed how he gave Jack Quaid a lifelong fear of boats.


(Starts at 2:53)


This season has given Jack Quaid a lifelong fear of boats. Eric Kripke put him in a speedboat that I was driving, and let me tell you, we were going fast, we were jumping waves and, you know, Jack’s raised in Hollywood – I don’t know if he’d ever been on the water before, let alone a boat that’s airborne. You know, he had a safety word that he had to scream out if he ever felt unsafe – and it was Karl – and apparently he was, like – I was, you know, driving along and we’re jumping waves, and he was going, ‘Karl! Karl! Karl!’

Karl Urban has a well-known love for boating, and it wasn’t a surprise that the veteran actor steered the boat himself during the whale scene. However, Urban’s driving was, well, let’s say, pretty unsafe.

Quaid was given a safe word just in case he wanted the scene to be stopped, and ironically, with was “Karl.” Despite Quaid’s repetitive plea to stop, Urban continued and instilled a lifelong fear of boats in his co-actor.


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When Will the Boys Season Four Release?

Karl Urban in The Boys
Karl Urban in The Boys

The Boys season three had a dark and twisted ending. It finished with the iconic Homelander scene where he received waves of cheers after decimating a civilian with his heat vision.

It’s undoubtedly one of the most unexpected endings to a season that proves no one is off the chopping block in future seasons.


Speaking of which, The Boys season four is expected to release in 2024. As of now, showrunner Eric Kripke hasn’t provided a confirmed release date.

Meanwhile, The Boys spinoff series, Gen V, is currently streaming on Amazon Prime Video. A total of eight episodes are slated to release on the streaming platform.

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