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Thor: 7 Of His Biggest Failures Marvel Doesn’t Want You To Know

Thor 7 Of His Biggest Failures Marvel Doesnt Want You To Know

Thor has intrigued all of us in our childhood and continues to captivate us till now. We all have heard the legends of Thor battling the threats and defying the odds. But have we heard of his failures? No, we haven’t. Well, to be accurate, it’s not always all bright for heroes, and heroes fail too. So then why haven’t we heard of it? Basically, because no one wants to highlight the fact that heroes fail too, and when it comes to Thor when he fails, it’s pretty bad. But heroes are heroes. Whether they fail or come out of the battle in their shining armor, they’ll always be our heroes. And Thor continues to be our forever favorite.

Thrashed by Red Hulk: Thor’s powers are undoubtedly immense, but that can’t change the fact that no one can beat him. Well, Red Hulk beating Thor to dust definitely proved it. Thor’s defeat by his hand was a shocker to everyone, and we are still not over the fact that Red Hulk beat him to the pulp.

Thrashed by Red Hulk
Red Hulk

Hulk almost killed Him: Well, Red Hulk isn’t the only one to defeat him. Our basic green Hulk has done this a dozen times. We all know that Thor is the strongest among the Avengers, but Hulk ain’t less, and he has proved it several times by thrashing all the Avengers to dust whenever they got in his way.

The Basic Hulk
Hulk has smashed Thor

Not good at being the King of Asgard: Since birth, Thor was prepared for the one and only thing- being the King and taking the throne. But, ever since, he never really cared for the throne and always preferred battles rather than his Kingdom. Well, when it came down to actually handling his kingdom, he couldn’t do it really well.

Thor the King of Asgard
He really messed up this time

He couldn’t save Asgard from Norman Osborn’s Initial Attacks: Norman Osborn’s Reign was a dark period indeed and we saw our favorite heroes being played by the villains. We all know how Loki wanted to take over Asgard with his Dark Avengers, and he was able to do so with Osborn. To be accurate, Thor couldn’t do anything in it is the part that disheartens the fans the most. This time, his failures were not only his own and cost many lives.

Norman Osborn's Dark Reign
The Dark Reign of Norman Osborn was indeed dark

Thor and His Warrior Madness: Thor was one of the mightiest heroes, and we love him for that. His powers mostly precede from the Asgardian background and the fact that he has been training his whole life for that makes him formidable. But everything has its pros and cons, and the biggest con of this heritage was warrior madness. This madness overtook Thor, and he posed a grave danger to the whole universe.

Thor's Warrior Madness
The greatest hero and the greatest threat to universe.

He wasn’t there in the Civil War: The fact that Thor was in hibernation during the Civil war still hurts most of the fans. Things could be a lot different if he were present in that rigorous war, and we all wanted to see it.

Civil War
Civil War would different if Thor was in it.

He never really got Loki: Loki and Thor couldn’t really get along with each other. Loki was the supervillain, but things could have been the other way round.

Thor and Loki
They could really hit different together.

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