Thor: Love and Thunder Concept Art Reveals Omnipotence City Almost Featured This Mutant God (Until Taika Waititi Edited Him Out)

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Marvel Studios’ recent movie Thor: Love and Thunder earned the most popular title. Previously, the film wasn’t getting good reviews and even got criticized for its tone. The criticism mostly came from the inclusion of too much humor. But interestingly enough, a tease of concept art revealed the X-Men connection.

Marvel Studios' film Thor: Love and Thunder
Marvel Studios film Thor: Love and Thunder

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The concept art was organized originally by Sung Choi, who worked with Marvel Studios on Thor: Love and Thunder. It features Cyttorak known as the Destroyer or the Lord of Oblivion. In Marvel comics, he chose a person to become his avatar, turning them to become the X-Men character known as Juggernaut.


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Thor: Love and Thunder Concept Art Featured an X-Men Reference

Thor 4 concept art teases Juggernaut reference
Thor 4 concept art teases Juggernaut reference

Previously with the introduction of Earth-838’s Professor Charles Xavier aka Patrick Stewart following the revelation in the finale of Ms. Marvel, now MCU is involving more Mutants of the X-Men in the franchise.

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We know that Marvel is best known for surprise entries and it will be best to witness how new characters blend into the upcoming stories. It will also be interesting to see how characters like Thor will interact with them. After this surprise tease, it is still unknown when the mutants will officially debut in the MCU. Some fans are already speculating about the character’s involvements and saying they will appear after the Multiverse Saga. Other critics are sharing theories that they might make their appearance in the next two Avengers movies.

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New Thor: Love and Thunder Concept Art Features the Entity Cyttorak

X-Men Easter egg found in Thor 4 concept art
X-Men Easter egg found in Thor 4 concept art

Cyttorak is the God that blessed Juggernaut with his superhuman ability after coming in contact with the Crimson Gem which was discovered in the lost temple of Cyttorak. Thor: Love and Thunder respectfully show the celestials from Eternals and also teased Hercules in the post-credits scene. Even the Panther goddess Bast was among the Avatars in the Omnipotence City. And now we saw the tease of Cyttorak which is yet to be explored, and fans need to wait to find out Marvel Studios’ plans for the development of The Mutants movie.


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Thor: Love and Thunder was released on July 7, 2022.

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