Thor: Love & Thunder Hints at Council of Godheads

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Thor: Love and Thunder, Thor’s fourth solo film, has been painfully slow to deliver any specifics. The film will be released in cinemas in less than two months, yet we’ve just seen a teaser trailer and a few photographs thus far! Now, viewers have been treated to one of the most thrilling images yet: a new look at Valkyrie, Jane (AKA the Mighty Thor), and an MCU deity making her mortal appearance. This may mean the introduction of the Council of Godheads in the MCU. Let’s look at what these photos may represent, in more detail:


Who is the Council of Godheads:

Council of Godheads in the Marvel Comics.
Council of Godheads in the Marvel Comics.

The Council of Godheads is a group of gods’ leaders from throughout the world who meet to discuss challenges that no single pantheon of gods can tackle individually. Each member of the Council wields some supernatural and cosmic power equal to the Elder Gods, much exceeding the strength of a Sorcerer Supreme. Odin learned about the arrival of the Third Host of the Celestials, otherworldly creatures of unimaginable cosmic might, after the Asgardians and Olympians’ fight. He approached Zeus, and the two of them convened with the rulers of Earth’s other pantheons to plan a strategy. This was the Council’s very first meeting and so it went on.

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What do the new Thor: Love and Thunder images mean?

New images released for Thor: Love and Thunder showing council of Godheads.
New images released for Thor: Love and Thunder.

The image appears to depict a gathering of several gods seated on thrones. The setting is evidently luxurious, with elaborately decorated thrones and grapes spread out as delectable appetizers. This scene may revolve around the MCU version of the Council of Godheads, according to social rumors. The Council of Godheads, as we now know, is comprised of the heads of numerous pantheons of gods, including Odin, Zeus, Vishnu, and others. Odin is, of course, deceased in the MCU, so Valkyrie and Jane appear to be representing the Asgardians in his stead.

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Why would the Council of Godheads be meeting?

Gorr, the God Butcher.
Gorr, the God Butcher.

The speculation is that this council is meeting to deal with Gorr the God Butcher. Gorr is the major adversary in Thor 4, and he is on a mission to kill every deity on the planet. This conference is almost certainly being convened in reaction to his menace. In fact, we see Thor and Valkyrie depart Asgard and travel to what appears to be Olympus in the trailer, so this meetup might be the purpose for their journey. But this is just conjecture, and we all know how Marvel loves to deceive us with their trailers. Although, if this conference really is the Council of Godheads, we may see a slew of gods in Thor 4.


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