Thor: Love & Thunder Trailer Secretly Edits Out A Marvel Character

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The Mouse House is not new to this game. In the past, Disney and Marvel Studios have edirted and tweaked their trailers to remove few scenes or add fake ones. The Thor: Love & Thunder trailer is their latest piece of work in a long line of tweaked trailers. Remember how they edited out Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield from the No Way Home trailer? Or how they removed Spider-Man from Civil War trailer? The Thor: Love & Thunder trailer has also used a similar technique and edited out a character from its scenes.

Thor Love & Thunder - Secret Character Edited Out Of This Scene
Thor Love & Thunder – Secret Character Edited Out Of This Scene

Now the million dollar question is – Who could this mystery character be? Who was edited out of the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer? Why was this character so important that Marvel Studios decided to cut it out of the trailer lest it reveal the entire plot? Here are our prospective candidates.

Beta Ray Bill

Beta Ray Bill - Thor Love & Thunder
Beta Ray Bill – Thor Love & Thunder

The Korbinite champion makes for a good potential secret character the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer would not dare to show. And the dude would be a truly terrific addition to Taika Waititi’s Thor franchise. He was already hinted at in Thor: Ragnarok. Beta Ray Bill’s face was on the Grandmaster’s tower on Sakaar.


As to why Beta Ray Bill would be in Thor 4 is as good as anybody’s guess. In the comics, he was chosen as the guardian of the Korbinite race, which was facing extinction. Maybe Gorr has something to do with his race dying out? Or maybe the movie will explore the Ragnarok connection.


Hercules - Thor 4
Hercules – Thor 4

Since Thor: Love & Thunder has already revealed the Greek Gods and Olympus, Hercules is our next best bet. In the comic books, Hercules and Thor share a bitter but friendly rivalry. Both have fought each other on numerous occasions. There was a time when Hercules managed to bag Jane Foster’s attention, dating her for quite a while in the comic books.

The edited scene shown in the trailer seems to have happened at the beginning of the movie. That is right when the Guardians of the Galaxy leave Thor at Sakaar with Korg and fly away in the Milano. So does this mean the Greek Gods are introduced at a very early stage?



Loki - Thor Love & Thunder
Loki – Thor Love & Thunder

While we wouldn’t hold our horses for this one, the idea of Loki making it back to the Thor sub franchise does make for good food for thought. Marvel Studios has never had a Thor film that didn’t have Loki faking his death, only to return to the land of the living later on. Loki did die in Infinity War but the Endgame Time Heist brought him back into the fold.

The Loki series ended with Sylvie killing He Who Remains and the creation of the Multiverse. Loki was trapped in an alternate timeline. Maybe Loki did somehow make it to the mainstream Marvel Cinematic universe. But how would that happen?


Grandmaster - Jeff Goldblum Thor 4
Grandmaster – Jeff Goldblum Thor 4

Well the scene does look like it is taking place on Sakaar. The metal scraps and the junkyard background remind us of the massive wastelands of Sakaar from Thor: Ragnarok. And we know that Jeff Goldblum’s Grandmaster did survive the uprising in ragnarok. The post credits scene saw Goldblum trying to talk his way out of being violently mauled by his former slaves.


The Grandmaster looks like a safer bet compared to the rest of the folks in the list. Also who in their right minds would not like to have Goldblum return to the MCU?!?!

Jane Foster Thor

Jane Foster Thor Love & Thunder
Jane Foster Thor Love & Thunder

The Jane Foster Thor wielding Mjolnir scene was the best highlight of the entire Thor: Love & Thunder trailer. Maybe they were trying to save the money shot for the final moments of the Thor 4 teaser. That would explain why they edited her out of this scene.

In the comics, Jane Foster suffers from cancer when she assumes the mantle of Thor, Goddess of Thunder. Maybe the scene in the Thor: Love & Thunder trailer was hiding a terminally ill Jane Foster in her human form? That would have given away a huge movie plot point.



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