Chris Hemsworth Says Thor Will Be At His Strongest In Love & Thunder

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MCU star Chris Hemsworth has dropped a subtle hint stating that Thor will be at the peak of his strength in the upcoming film “Thor: Love and Thunder”. The God of Thunder is the first and the only original Avenger so far to a fourth standalone. While some of his buddies and founding heroes of MCU have retired from the universe, Thor is set to embark on a new adventure through Taika Waititi’s vision.


Thor: Love and Thunder” takes place after the events of “Avengers: Endgame” where we saw him grappling with some severe PTSD. The loss of Asgard, his brother, Jane, his mother, followed by Thanos’ victory had left a deep scar on him. But dawn still seemed to shine upon Thor after they defeated Thanos. He emerged as a wiser leader who deemed Valkyrie as the chief of Asgard.

The upcoming film will take us through his intergalactic adventures with his new team, Guardians of the Galaxy. It will also feature the return of a major character, Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster who is expected to assume the role of Mighty Thor. Additionally, fans are holding their breath to watch Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher and Russell Crowe’s Zeus make their debut in the MCU.



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While we are yet to find out what exactly happened to Thor after Endgame, Chris Hemsworth has dropped a hint about his character via social media. He recently shared a workout video of himself with the caption revealing that this is going to be the strongest version of Thor in the MCU.  Thor has always been one of the sturdiest MCU superheroes. But it’s the first time Hemsworth has emphasized Thor’s physical appearance, thus highlighting how it will impact the plot.


The last time we saw the God of Thunder, he was on a beer binge and had put on some weight. This leaves us curious to find out how the film plans to make that shift in his physique. We also hope that MCU addresses his mental health, which is far more crucial than his physical appearance.


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