Thunderbolts Gender-Swaps The Sentry, POC Actress Wields the Power of a Million Exploding Suns after Steven Yeun Exit – But it’s Plans for The Void That’ll Make You Hate This Theory

A theory suggests that Sentry will be making a swift exit from the films, before being resurrected in his current form in the comics.

Thunderbolts Gender-Swaps The Sentry, POC Actress Wields the Power of a Million Exploding Suns after Steven Yeun Exit - But it's Plans for The Void That'll Make You Hate This Theory


  • A Marvel theory suggests that the Sentry's introduction in the MCU will be followed by his demise.
  • The MCU might follow the 2023 'The Sentry' run of the comics over others, which might enrage fans.
  • The adaptation in the MCU might rub fans the wrong way, given that fans expect the Sentry to stick around.
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It has been heavily rumored that The Sentry will be making his debut in the MCU sometime soon, most likely in the Thunderbolts film, currently due to release in 2025. Steven Yeun was previously in the running to play the character, before his exit was prompted due to scheduling issues. However, one Marvel theory suggests that the MCU might be going with a new version of the characters introduced in Marvel comics.

Sentry in Marvel Comics.

The theory is based on certain rumors that the MCU will be changing the mythos of the Sentry, to make it more palatable to the mainstream audience. The theory states that Marvel will be going with the most recent run of the Sentry, where the power of hero the split six ways between 6 individuals after his demise, which then caused one of them, Ryan Topper, to go on a rampage to claim the powers from the other Sentries.

The Sentry resides within The Void

Thunderbolts FandomWire

The theory suggests that The Sentry will make his debut in the MCU and will not stick around for too long. Instead, the character’s death is going to result in the Sentry following the most recent storyline from the comics: a lone character hunting down all the other receivers of the power, to strengthen himself.


This is further corroborated by the fact that Ayo Edebiri was cast in the Thunderbolts but had to eventually exit the project. The actress would have been the perfect casting for Mallory Gibbs, one of the characters who received the power of the power of the Sentry.

Gibbs is a character who serves as the protagonist of the current Sentry series, and if the story is to take a page from the source material, it would seem that the Void would also find itself changed. However, The Void, according to the story, will become a place rather than an alter ego.

The Void could allegedly be a pocket dimension

Sentry in Marvel Comics

While the Void has been a very important aspect of the Sentry, being the alter ego that Robert Reynolds often finds himself defending the world against. However, it seems that the theory, posited by Reddit user u/roguefrogger, will be converted to a pocket dimension where the Sentry will reside.


This might be done in an interest to not only tie the story into the multiverse but also streamline the mythos of the Sentry, which might be too complicated for mainstream audiences. However, this change might alienate Marvel fans who have come to like the Sentry and his mythology. There is also the fact that such a move might make the character too similar to Captain Britain, which might cause the brand problems further down the line.

The changes that are proposed by this theory might be in line with what is depicted in the comics, but might not be changes that align with the fan’s vision of Sentry. Sentry as a character needs to be a powerhouse, and there was plenty of criticism for acting Steven Yeun as the character. It might be in Marvel’s best interest to keep the character as true to comic books as possible while sticking to the storyline that would work for the character.


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