“To somehow put your distinctive artistic fingerprint on every film”: Taylor Swift Reveals She Wants to Become Guillermo del Toro For One Day Despite Dominating Billboard With Latest Album

Taylor Swift Reveals She Wants to Become Guillermo del Toro For One Day Despite Dominating Billboard With Latest Album
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Women in the entertainment industry have been at the top of their games this year and it is only fair to give them the recognition they deserve. Which is why, in The Hollywood Reporter’s 2022 Women in Entertainment Power list a lot of women were credited for the work they did, including the fan-favorite singer-songwriter, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift had a great run this year. With her new album Midnights breaking records left and right, she’s a name that simply could not have been omitted from the list. Talking in the interview, Taylor Swift revealed which character she identifies with and who in Hollywood she would play Freaky Friday with. Her choice isn’t quite a conventional answer either!

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Taylor Swift wants to be Guillermo del Toro for a Day

Guillermo del Toro defends Martin Scorsese
Filmmaker Guillermo del Toro

While different women on the list had varying answers to whom they would trade places with, Taylor Swift had quite an interesting choice. Apparently, if she got the opportunity to trade places with anyone in Hollywood, she is definitely choosing the renowned Mexican filmmaker, Guillermo del Toro. She would love to have del Toro’s imagination, vocabulary, and body of work. Swift appreciates his ability to put a distinctive mark on his work despite having quite a diverse range of projects.

“Imagine having that imagination, that visual vocabulary, and that astonishing body of work. To have such a diverse storytelling range but to somehow put your distinctive artistic fingerprint on every film. “And yet, it feels like he’s still so curious and enthusiastic about his work. I can only imagine that a day in his mind would be fascinating.”

It’s quite intriguing to see such a big name in the industry amongst fans of the Nightmare Alley director. One thing can be said with certainty, the Lavender Haze singer has a deep sense of respect and awe towards del Toro’s work.

Even though Swift chose del Toro to switch places with, there were other celebrities who were leaning towards getting closer to Swift herself. While Penguin Bloom producer Bruna Papandrea would trade lives with Swift, Mindy Kaling chose Swift’s assistant as they have “seats to her concert.”


Swift was also asked about which fictional character she identifies with and as it turns out, she is a Game of Thrones fan. She identifies with Arya Stark played by Maisie Williams. She stated that while she hasn’t used a sword or risen from the dead, she has been in the music industry for over fifteen years! Guillermo del Toro and Arya Stark – quite varying choices!

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Taylor Swift’s 2022 Recap

All Too Well: A Short Film
All Too Well: A Short Film

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2022 was quite a ride for the Blank Space singer. Her directorial debut with the short film, All Too Well, was quite the rage as it won her multiple awards. Believe it or not, the short film is also eligible for the 2023 Oscars. Not bad for a directorial debut, right?

She also appeared in David O. Russell’s Amsterdam. However, that didn’t work out too well for her character, Elizabeth Meekins, as she was violently pushed onto the street and is then heard screaming in the background, along with a blaring car horn. Yikes! Although, the shot instantly became Internet-famous as it became a meme representing anything from exhaustion after a nine-hour shift to receiving low grades on a project you thought you did great in.

Adding to that, her album, Midnights, made history as Swift became the first artist in the industry to hog up all the top ten spots in the Top 10 Billboard’s Hot 100 list. Not to mention that she practically broke Ticketmaster with her 2023 US tour.


She certainly deserves the spot on THR’s list!

All Too Well: The Short Film is available to watch on YouTube.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter


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