‘Tom Holland as Heimdall. David Harbour as Thor’: With God of War Live Action Series a Go at Amazon, Fans Cast Their Favorite Actors in Key Roles

'Tom Holland as Heimdall. David Harbour as Thor': With God of War Live Action Series a Go at Amazon, Fans Cast Their Favorite Actors in Key Roles
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God of War has officially been picked up by Amazon and will soon be going into production as a live-action project. The recent release of God of War: Ragnarök created a bigger hype for the upcoming series. The game has been highly regarded for both its story and its accuracy to mythology, making fans admire it even more so.

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Fans have been wondering who would play their favorite characters. The fan-casting has been interesting so far, bringing about multiple possibilities as to which actor would bring these complex characters to life. The adaptation had been awaiting any sort of order from Amazon and it’s finally being picked up as a series from Prime Video will soon mean that any other of these fan-casts could turn out to be true.

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Amazon Picks Up God Of War As A Series, Making Fans Light Up With Excitement

The series is being taken into production by Amazon with Sony Productions as well as PlayStation Productions. While the series has been in the works since March 2022, it is only now that the process is officially beginning. The show will be written by Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby and Rafe Judkins would be the showrunner.

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“The God of War is a compelling, character-driven franchise that we believe will captivate our global customers as much with its expansive and immersive worlds as its rich storytelling. We are honored to share in the adventure of exploring the God of War mythology in such a momentous way with Sony Pictures Television, PlayStation Productions, and Santa Monica Studio.”

The fusion of Greek and Norse mythology blends perfectly in God of War as it follows Kratos post his decision to self exiling. It sees the bonding between a father and his son and how far they would go in order to fulfill their dead wife and mother’s last wish. Kratos once again gets pulled into a world of bloodshed and has to face off against various gods and creatures throughout the games in order to complete his quest and grant his wife’s wish, while keeping his son safe.

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God Of War Fan Cast Makes David Harbour Lead Contender For The Role Of Thor

God Of War the game

Fans throughout have been ecstatic to know who might take over as Kratos and who could become Thor. While movie adaptations of games are not new, with the Uncharted, Mario, and Sonic the Hedgehog games also finding their way into the world of Hollywood.






Tom Holland and David Harbour are the prime choices of fans with the former as Heimdall and the latter as Thor. Some even want to see Jack Black as Thor, while others hope that the series would first explore the Greek side of the story rather than the Norse.


There is no official release date for the God of War series till now.

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