Top 10 Absolute Must-Have Suits for Insomniac’s Wolverine

The potential for an array of suits and costumes in Insomniac's Wolverine is a thrilling prospect.

Top 10 Absolute Must-Have Suits for Insomniac's Wolverine


  • When it comes to the Marvel Universe, few characters are as iconic and beloved as the adamantium-clawed, ferocious mutant known as Wolverine.
  • We'll explore the top 10 Wolverine suits that fans are fervently hoping to see in Insomniac's upcoming title.
  • These suits pay homage to Wolverine's rich film, TV, and comic book heritage.
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When it comes to the Marvel Universe, few characters are as iconic and beloved as the adamantium-clawed, ferocious mutant known as Wolverine. With the announcement of Insomniac Games taking the reins to develop a standalone Wolverine game, fans of the X-Men and the wider Marvel community are buzzing with excitement. While the details surrounding the game are still somewhat shrouded in mystery, one thing is for certain: the potential for an array of Wolverine suits and costumes in the game is a thrilling prospect.


Wolverine’s diverse wardrobe throughout his comic book history offers a treasure trove of possibilities for players to immerse themselves in the world of this enigmatic hero. In this article, we’ll explore the top 10 Wolverine suits that fans are fervently hoping to see in Insomniac’s upcoming title. These suits not only pay homage to Wolverine’s rich film, ,TV and comic book heritage but also provide players with the opportunity to step into the shoes (or should we say, claws) of this iconic character in style. So, let’s take a dive into the world of Wolverine’s attire and explore the suits that fans are eagerly awaiting in this highly anticipated game.

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10. Evolution

First Appearance: X-Men: Evolution (2000) – Season 1, Episode 1

The series is set in a high school environment where the X-Men are portrayed as teenagers with emerging mutant abilities. Wolverine plays a protective and mentor-like role for the younger mutants. His costume is adapted to suit the show’s more youthful and relatable context. Featuring a blend of the Ultimate design from the comics, combined with the classic spiked mask.

This design doesn’t pick up Wolverine’s signature blue and yellow, instead has a black and orange layout. Overall, Wolverine’s costume in X-Men: Evolution modernizes the character’s look for a new generation of viewers while retaining the key elements that make him instantly recognizable as one of Marvel’s most iconic mutants.

9. Phoenix      

First appearance: Avengers (vol.7) #43

As the Avengers attempt to discover who has taken on the power of the Phoenix Force, they are shocked to discover it has been adopted by Wolverine. Wolverine’s costume features a prominent emblem of the Phoenix on his chest. The emblem is usually depicted in fiery reds and golds, with a distinctive shape resembling a bird in flight, its wings spread wide. This emblem symbolizes his connection to the Phoenix Force.


Wolverine’s appearance represents a moment of cosmic transcendence and power. The fiery and ethereal design reflects his connection to the cosmic entity and the incredible abilities he gains as the Phoenix. This transformation adds a new layer of complexity and significance to the character’s role in the storyline.

8. Ultimate  

First appearance: Ultimate X-Men #1

In the alternate reality of Earth-1610, Wolverine bore a strikingly youthful appearance compared to his mainstream counterpart. Upon joining the X-Men, he adopted a distinctive costume that reflected a more modern and streamlined design. Initially, this ensemble consisted of a black and yellow uniform bodysuit, complemented by black long gloves, black pants, and a vibrant red and black buckle featuring the unmistakable “X” logo.

Notably, in contrast to the classic Wolverine attire, he forwent the use of a cowl, allowing his hair and facial features to remain visible. Over time, Wolverine’s costume underwent a significant transformation. The new iteration featured a predominantly black base with striking yellow tiger stripes adorning his shoulders, adding an element of fierceness to his appearance.


7. Ablation Armor      

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 6) #1

This formidable armor predominantly featured a striking combination of black and yellow hues, reminiscent of Wolverine’s classic costume colors. Across the chest of the suit was a prominent, large X-shaped emblem, serving as a symbol of Logan’s identity and affiliation with the X-Men. The armor was constructed with numerous protective plates, strategically placed on the arms, shoulders, legs, knees, neck, and back, providing Logan with enhanced defense against formidable adversaries.

One of the unique features of this specialized armor was the inclusion of yellow gauntlets, each equipped with housing units designed to accommodate “fake claws.” This innovative solution allowed Wolverine to wield claw-like weapons in the absence of his natural adamantium claws, after the loss of his healing factor.

6. Film Trilogy            

First Appearance: X-Men (2000)

Throughout the original X-Men trilogy, Professor Xavier’s team donned iconic black leather suits. Even Wolverine, who initially joined their ranks reluctantly in the first film, received his own black suit with striking yellow lining. This design choice was a departure from the colorful and more comic-accurate costumes of the X-Men characters, and it was primarily the brainchild of director Bryan Singer.


Singer’s concern was that a more traditional, colorful superhero costume might not be taken seriously by audiences, leading to the decision to opt for the sleek and practical black leather suits that became synonymous with the X-Men movies. These black leather suits set the tone for the X-Men franchise, maintaining a consistent and visually cohesive look across multiple films.

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5. Team X        

First appearance: Wolverine (Vol. 2) #48

In 1961, Logan, now operating under the code name Wolverine, became a part of the Weapon X Project, which was a division of the Weapon Plus Program. Wolverine was assigned to a covert Black Ops squad overseen by the C.I.A., known as Team X. This team’s mission was to undertake classified and often dangerous operations.


Wolverine’s fellow team members included Sabretooth, and Silver Fox, who intriguingly seemed to be alive and without any recollection of her past with Logan, Maverick, Kestrel, and Mastodon. This narrative paints a complex and enigmatic picture of Wolverine’s past, as his involvement in the Weapon X Project and his time with Team X were formative experiences that contributed to his character’s rich history in Marvel.

4. Logan                      

First Appearance: Logan (2017)

In the film Logan (2017), Wolverine’s design reflects a gritty and world-weary appearance that is distinct from his previous on-screen portrayals. Logan sports a full beard, emphasizing his rugged and disheveled appearance. The beard, along with his weathered features, conveys the character’s long and arduous journey.

Unlike earlier films, Logan’s healing factor is diminished in Logan, leading to visible scars and injuries that accumulate over time. His aging and mortality are evident in the form of scars, wrinkles, and a generally worn-out look. His wardrobe typically includes a plain white undershirt, a black jacket, and worn-out jeans, reflecting his transition from a superhero to a disillusioned and weary survivor.


3. Death                     

First appearance: Astonishing X-Men (Vol. 2) #1

In his role as the Horseman of Death, Wolverine was outfitted with a formidable suit of armor, both to obscure his true identity and provide him with substantial protection. The armor’s design predominantly featured shades of blue, accented by a striking red cape and a matching red scarf that Logan used to conceal his face, adding an air of mystery to his appearance.

Further enhancing its defensive capabilities, the armor boasted a sturdy metal chest plate, offering additional protection, and showcased a distinctive head buckle. This ensemble not only concealed Wolverine’s true identity but also projected an imposing and menacing presence, in line with his role as one of Apocalypse’s deadly Horsemen.

2. Deadpool 3             

First appearance: Deadpool 3 (2024)

While the film is currently at a halt during its development, we have still managed to get a brief glimpse of Hugh Jackman’s return to the role in the iconic yellow and blue costume. Since the suit was briefly referenced in X-Men (2000) and again in a deleted scene of The Wolverine (2013), fans will finally see Jackman dawn the yellow and blue in the upcoming Deadpool 3.


The design takes a lot from the classic and modern versions of the blue and yellow, with a yellow foundation and accents of blue. While we have not seen any sign of the mask, we hope director Shawn Levy completes the attire when we see him in Deadpool 3.

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1. Asgardian Armor    

First appearance: Fear Itself #7

To confront the formidable Worthy, Wolverine, alongside the Mighty, sought the blessing of Asgardian Magic on their weapons. As a result of this mystical enhancement, Wolverine underwent a profound transformation that significantly augmented his combat abilities. His very appearance was altered as he was now adorned in formidable black armor, adorned with distinct volcanic cracked patterning.


This otherworldly attire not only served as a mark of his newfound power but also projected a sense of mystique and raw power. Perhaps the most striking change was his claws, which were now imbued with an intense, almost ethereal fire. Wolverine’s transformation into this empowered state was a testament to the formidable might he harnessed to confront the Worthy.

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