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Top 5 Overwatch Winter Skins

Overwatch is well known for its event skins. Blizzard puts a lot of work in each year to make the skins meaningful. Some skins take their inspiration from the event, some from lore, and some from cannon. The winter event will run for two more weeks, during which players will have a chance to pick and choose what goodies they want from the event. These are probably the best skins from their Christmas events, past and present.

Sugarplum Mercy

Almost every player fell in love with this skin when it first debuted. Designed by Faebelina, an artist with a vision of Fairy Overwatch, it gives Mercy teal hair to match her starry butterfly wings. Her skirt is made out of petals, and the ribbons of her shoes flow like Hermes’ wings. This skin is definitely one of the most well designed skins that have released so far.

Mercy's overwatch winter event skin, sugar plum fairy
Mercy’s winter event skin, sugar plum fairy


An original event skin, Beachrat pays homage to our friends in the Southern Hemisphere. It riffs off of the fact that Christmas in Junkrat’s home country of Australia tends to be warm and summer weather. Junkrat’s tire is his trusty ducky float, and he’s wearing a pair of arm floaties to complement it. Sunglasses, a shark’s tooth necklace, and sunscreen complete his look.

Junkrat's overwatch winter event original skin
Junkrat’s winter event original skin

Ice Empress Moira

Moira’s clothing is intricately designed as always. Her look is reminiscent of The Snow Queen, the queen of the snowflakes. As the Snow Queen is portrayed as emotionless, this suits Moira perfectly. Her backpack has an angel emerging from the crystal shard. Her blue lips complement her crown.

Moira's overwatch winter event skin, Ice Empress.
Moira’s winter event skin, Ice Empress.

Reindeer Orisa

Probably the best Orisa skin, this turns Orisa into a red-nosed reindeer. Her gun arm has a snow globe whose snow shifts with her every moment. Presents adorn her shoulders, and a jingle bell hangs from her neck. Antlers sit upon her head, and her nose glows softly.

Orisa's overwatch winter event reindeer skin.
Orisa’s winter event reindeer skin.


Figure Skater Symmetra

Symmetra’s figure skater outfit is a beautiful green with some blue. The colors play off of each other, and somewhat match the Sugarplum Mercy skin. Her skirt is a typical ballet/figure skater skirt, which means it floats deliciously. Her shoes appear to be extremely well designed for skating, as the blade is on the back of her high heel.

Symmetra's overwatch winter event figure skater skin
Symmetra’s winter event figure skater skin


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Written by FandomWire Staff