Magneto Just Used Captain America’s Shield Against Iron Man


Spoilers for the X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2 

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Iron Man is a genius, but Magneto managed to stay ahead of him in X-Men: The Trial of Magneto #2. The Avengers were in a war with Magneto on Krakoa when Cap’s Shield almost became a threat to Iron Man’s life.


Scarlet Witch just met with an unfortunate death during the Hellfire Gala, and Magneto is the prime suspect. He sparked suspicions after reaching out to the Quiet Council to resurrect Wanda. But the sinister anti-hero’s goals got interrupted after the Avengers landed on Krakoa to retrieve Scarlet Witch, their teammate’s body. So, who do you think won in a fight between Magneto and the Avengers?

Magneto V The Avengers

28E28637 15F8 41BD 8BEE D29EC400A484Turns out that Magneto single-handedly gave a hell of a time to a team of well-equipped, powerful, and brilliant superheroes. Just when the mutants were comforting Vision, Magneto stole the spotlight and challenged the heroes. It shouldn’t have been too difficult to take down one mutant with Iron Man, Captain America, Wasp, and Vision on the team. But Magneto proved otherwise.


Of course, being the genius billionaire he is, Iron Man donned a “magnet-proof” armour before touching down on Krakoa. But Magneto clearly has the presence of mind and was a step ahead of Iron Man. He nabbed Captain America’s coveted Shield and violently tossed it at Stark. In fact, none of the Avengers could match up to Magneto’s abilities and smartness. Just when he had confessed to killing Scarlet Witch while sending Vision plummeting to the ground, the magical witch emerged in the scene. 

Enters Scarlet Witch

71103C2B 6E0E 4A75 97F3 D5C6891AA4D2While everyone was shocked to see Scarlet Witch alive, she calmly kissed Vision and decided to leave this incident behind her. We are yet to discover if it’s really her and how she got resurrected, or if it’s a fake Scarlet. Meanwhile, let’s not forget that Magneto almost had the Mighty Heroes had Scarlet Witch not appeared on time.


Marvel Comic Book: X-Men: The Trials of Magneto #2 by Leah Williams, Lucas Werneck, Edgard Delgado.


Written by Ipshita Barua