True Survivors: 15 Major Superheroes Who Have Never Died

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Not every Superhero has managed to evade paying the ultimate price. Only a chosen few have made it to the finish line. Death has lost all meaning for these superheroes.


Luke Cage

Luke Cage aka power man was a relatively unknown figure till 2016. When he was featured in a solo Netflix series, things started to change for the Hero For Hire. His powers make him basically un-killable via conventional methods. Theoretically he can be killed via drowning or poisoning. But nobody has managed to pull it off yet. Luke Cage remains invincible till date.


Jay Garrick

Jay Garrick belongs to a vintage era of superheroes of the DC Universe. In a time where comic books generally kill of legacy superheroes to set an example for the younger heroes, Garrick has remained mainstream. The character is too valuable to be used in a sacrifice ploy. He has been a mentor and father figure to the Flash family and continues to act in their interest.



The Man Without Fear is scared of no one. Not even Death has got anything on him. Matt Murdock is a benevolent lawyer by day and a justice seeking vigilante by night. There have been numerous close calls with death when it comes to Matt Murdock. But none have been able to really push him over the edge. The max Marvel has done is out him out of commission in the “Death Of Daredevil” story arc.


Vic Stone made his first appearance in the DC Universe as a teen titan. Half man and half machine, he proved to be a valuable asset for his team. After the New 52 reboot, Cyborg’s status was promoted from being a Titan to a Justice League member. Ever since his first appearance in the comic books, he has never been killed off.



Who would really want to kill of a smooth talker like Remy Labeau? The feisty Cajun has been in and around the X-Men for quite sometime. Sometimes he is their ally while he acts as their worst enemy at other times. Gambit survived unscathed in the 90’s, which was a dangerous time to be a mutant in the Marvel Comic Book Universe. Even now, he remains untouched by death.



Given his status as an omega Level mutant with absolute control of ice and snow, there’s not much that could actually kill him. In his ice form, Bobby Drake is essentially immortal. He has had experience with multiple different teams and tons of time being on panels. But the writers never managed to kill him off, not even once. Bobby Drake is eternally cursed to ride the frozen slides into the sunset.


Pietro Maximoff is a character that is very hard to like, let alone love, in the comic books. There’s not much the guy has done to garner applause. He started a war between the Mutants and the Inhumans. He was responsible for House Of M, where most of humanity was wiped out. Quicksilver had come pretty close to being killed during Peter David’s run on X-Factor but he has evaded the Grim Reaper every time without fail.


Black Canary

Black Canary is a subject of some intense ret-con in the DC Universe. Let us not ponder over the mother-daughter identity crisis the character faces. Black Canary is still yet to die in official continuity. She has been a member of Birds Of Prey and the Justice League of America. She has fought and vanquished countless foes with her Canary Cry and her incredible skills in martial arts. No one has been able to get the best of her though.

Tim Drake


Of all the Boy Wonders Batman has recruited over the years, Tim Drake is the smartest of the mall. he now operates under the codename Red Robin. He is now the Bat Team’s go to tech guy. He is also seemingly immune to death. There’s yet to be a story arc featuring the death of Tim Drake.


Shazam has been around for 75 years. He is a comic book legend. Young Billy Batson can access the power of six different ancient deities to attain the power of Shazam. Despite carrying the power of six different Gods, Shazam has faced some powerful and deadly foes. As per official mainstream continuity, he has never once been declared dead.


Dick Grayson

The most famous Robin ever, Dick Grayson has been a part of Batman lore for more than half a century now. Some claim its the amount of popularity Dick Grayson aka  Nightwing enjoys is the reason of his apparent immortality. The fans are just not ready to let him go. he even grew big enough to assume the mantle of the Batman for some time, and he did a pretty good job.



Zatanna first appeared in 1964’s Hawkman #4. She is a stage performer and the daughter of a famous superhero. Being the League’s resident magic expert, she has come face to face with various powerful supernatural foes, escaping every time. Like Batman, Zatanna likes to keep several tricks up her sleeve. That is why she always manages to elude death.


Jennifer Walters aka She-Hulk has always remained under her better known cousin’s shadow. But recently she has managed to make a name for herself. In Civil War II, Hawkeye kills Bruce banner but Jennifer is yet to suffer a similar fate. She did end up in a coma after a brush in with Thanos in the same arc but that just made her more careful of her enemies.


The Beast

Hank McCoy is one of the few X-Men to have stuck around since forever. Whether you see him as the Blue Ape or the Human Gorilla, the Beats remains unscathed by the Grim reaper’s grasp. Recently he has become a figure of controversy, acting in ways that are out of character for him. Even though his actions seem polarizing for the X-Men Fans, he is yet to bite the dust.



Sam Wilson first met Captain America in Captain America #117. he quickly befriended a falcon and became Cap’s sidekick, jumpstarting his superhero career. In “Captain America: Sam Wilson”, Sam assumes and then gives up the role of captain America because he can no longer believe in his country. despite all these setbacks, Sam remains alive and kicking.


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