Unexpected Link Between Frozen and Dwayne Johnson’s Moana Will Blow Your Mind

The two musical fantasy films were some of the most successful Disney films of the 2010s

Unexpected Link Between Frozen and Dwayne Johnson's Moana Will Blow Your Mind


  • The Disney-produced animated musical fantasy film Frozen was a huge blockbuster upon release.
  • The film had a huge cultural impact and the influence the songs and the film had was termed ‘Frozen-mania’.
  • A content creator recently noticed some connections to Frozen in Disney’s other animated musical blockbuster Moana.
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The Disney animated film Frozen took the world by an ice storm when it was released in 2013. The musical fantasy film based on a Danish fairytale called The Snow Queen was a global blockbuster, earning $1.2 billion. It also had a huge cultural impact with its songs and characters, with its legacy being termed, ‘Frozen-mania’.


The mania still seems to be prevalent as a content creator named Ivan Mars recently noticed some common themes between the musical film and other films by Walt Disney Animation. He especially found some insane links between Frozen and another legendary animated musical film based on a myth, the Dwayne Johnson starrer Moana.

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What Is Frozen About?

Anna and Elsa from Frozen
Anna and Elsa from Frozen

Walt Disney Animation Studios produced many classic animated films over the years. Since 1937, with their first film, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the studio has produced classic children’s films based on popular fairy tales and myths from around the world. Two of the most popular among those from the 2010s were the musical fantasy films Frozen and Moana.

The former was released in 2013 and was based on the fairytale The Snow Queen by Danish author Hans Christian Anderson. It followed two sisters Elsa and Anna, the Princesses of Arendelle, and their relationship as they grew up without their parents after they died in a shipwreck. Elsa has magical powers that enable her to control and produce ice and snow.

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A still from Olaf's Frozen Adventure
A still from Olaf’s Frozen Adventure

The film starred Kristen Bell and Idina Menzel in the lead roles as the voices of Anna and Elsa, along with actors like Josh Gad, Jonathan Groff, and Alan Tudyk. Gad voiced the beloved snowman who comes to life, Olaf, while Gross portrayed Anna’s love interest, Kristoff. The film was also known for its song Let it Go.

Frozen was a commercial blockbuster upon release, earning over $1.2 billion at the box office. The film was the highest-grossing film of 2013 and was also the highest-grossing animated film at the time. It earned the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and Best Original Song. It also received a sequel, which was also a huge hit.

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The Connection Between Frozen and Moana

A still from Moana
A still from Moana

The Walt Disney animated films have often referenced other films produced by them in small ways and in the form of Easter Eggs that fans love digging up. Many connections across its filmography have been found by fans and have been analyzed. From similar character designs to actual story elements being common or having a connection, fans have dissected them all.

Recently, the Instagram content creator Ivan Mars revealed the connections between Frozen and another recent musical phenomenon Moana. The latter was released in 2016 and starred the voice talent of Dwayne Johnson. Though the film did not have as much an impact as the former, it was still one of the most successful Disney films, earning $682 million.

Mars revealed three Easter eggs that referred to Frozen in the film Moana. One was the reference to Olaf’s carrot nose and his twig arm in the secret cavern that Moana goes into in the film. The designs of the two common objects are too similar to Olaf’s body parts. The second connection is when Johnson’s Maui regains his transformative powers. He once turns into Sven, the reindeer who is the companion of Kristoff in Frozen.


Another connection that the content creator noticed was the presence of an inscription in Moana which resembled the snow monster Marshmellow, which guards Elsa’s ice palace. The connections have blown the minds of fans as two modern classics seem to have a crazy connection. Ivan Mars also noticed the similarities between Tangled and Frozen.


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