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Unstoppable Evil Gods Moon Knight May Fight In Season 2

Ethan Hawke’s Arthur Harrow was brilliant in Moon Knight Season 1. But Moon Knight Season 2 needs to do way better to escape Season 1’s magnificence. Luckily, Marvel Comics has enough evil rogue Gods in its pages that Moon Knight season 2 could use. Will the second season of Moon Knight be able to outdo Ethan Hawke as Arthur Harrow? Let’s see if these evil Gods qualify.


Hades - Marvel Comics Moon Knight Season 2
Hades – Marvel Comics

With Thor: Love & Thunder about to introduce the Greek Gods to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the stage is set for an entire new pantheon to grace the screens. Within the Olympian Pantheon, there is a God that is as evil as they come. Hades is the Greek God of the Dead and the Underworld.

In the comic books, Hades has squared off against many Marvel heroes ranging from Doctor Strange to Hercules. His ambitions run high. Hades intends to become powerful enough to challenge Zeus for the throne of Olympus. And he would definitely be looking for ways to get stronger in Moon Knight Season 2, if Mohamed Diab allows it to happen, that is.


Ares - Marvel Comics Moon Knight Season 2
Ares – Marvel Comics

Speaking of the Greek Gods, the next one in our list is a very well-known God from the same pantheon. Ares is the Greek God of War. He excels in combat and strategy. And the son of Zeus has the ability to draw power from conflicts all across the world. He can even manipulate people’s violent emotions and make them fight each other. The more people fight, the stronger he gets.

Moon Knight Season 2 could see the Fist of Khonshu come head to head with Ares, who is trying to incite an unstoppable war. Moon Knight Season 1 was criticized for having too little fight scenes. When you literally have a God of War in Moon Knight Season 2, that may alleviate some tension.


Seth - Marvel Comics Moon Knight Season 2
Seth – Marvel Comics

It is very likely that Moon Knight Season 2 will take us deeper into Egyptian and Heliopolitan mythology. There is an Egyptian God who fits the bill and could be a major Moon Knight Season 2 villain. Seth is the God of Death in Egyptian mythology. But in the comic books, he was so evil that he left his seat amongst the Gods and set his sights on eradicating all life to conquer the multiverse.

Seth has a unique ability. he can absorb the power of other superpowered beings. This would be an interesting match up for Marc Spector. Imagine Seth draining all of Moon Knight’s powers and Marc and Steven working together to get them back.


The Sun King
The Sun King – Avatar of Ra

Ra is the King of Egyptian Gods. He is the God of the Sun, the sky, the kings, and the God of Order and Administration. In Ancient Egypt, Ra was the most important of all Egyptian Gods. There was one problem though. Ra fathered a son he grew to hate with every ounce of his soul. And that son was none other than Khonshu.

We never got to see Ra in action in Season 1 of the show. Ra could be out there. In the comic book, Ra even has an avatar named the Sun King. The Sun King has control over fire and has similar mental issues as Marc Spector. That could make for a good Moon Knight Season 2 storyline.


Dracula - Marvel Comics
Dracula – Marvel Comics

There was a theory going around that stated that Arthur Harrow is a vampire. That was ultimately debunked to be untrue. But that does not mean vampires won’t be coming to the MCU. We have already talked about how Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness had teased Varnae, world’s first vampire.

Dracula is his protege. The MCU Blade reboot will most likely pit Blade against Varnae. Dracula could help set the tone by bringing vampires into the MCU in Moon Knight Season 2.

Chaos King

Chaos King - Marvel Comics
Chaos King – Marvel Comics

Amatsu-Mikaboshi is the living embodiment of the primordial void that existed before the multiverse. In Japanese mythology, he is known as the Chaos King and rules the realm known as the Land of the Unliving. The Chaos King is immensely powerful. During the Chaos War storyline, he laid siege to multiple Pantheons including the Greek Gods of Mount Olympus.

Amatsu-Mikaboshi has incredible magical abilities too. His energy blasts rival Zeus’ thunderbolts. He can resurrect the dead to create an eternal army. And the guy can even turn invisible and travel across dimensions at will. Bringing in a rogue God from Japanese mythology also helps add a uniqueness to Moon Knight season 2. Marc Spector as Moon Knight fighting a Japanese God of the Dead – How cool would that be!!

Written by Bibhu Prasad Panda

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