V Rising Guide: 5 Tips and Tricks That the Game Doesn’t Tell You

Coffins, castles, and everything else you should be mindful of.

v rising


  • These tips and tricks cover basic movement, healing and building.
  • Even though the game doesn't provide you with everything you may need, there are some workarounds.
  • Keeping these tricks in mind makes it simpler to reach higher levels.
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V Rising promises the adventures of a vampire who’s ready to take the world back and make it their own. However, unlike traditional vampires, characters in this game are neither immortal nor overpowered. The game can feel a little overwhelming to new players, and this V Rising guide aims to bring you some of the best advice that will ease things for you.


From quick ways of healing to simpler ways of exploring the map, here are some tips and tricks to make your V Rising experience twice as enjoyable.

5. Certain Blood Types Are Better Than Others

Go on, treat yourself a little with this V Rising guide.
Go on, treat yourself a little with this V Rising guide.

In V Rising, a neat mechanic lets you drain and drink up the blood of different enemy types. From animals to humans (and everything in between), different Blood Types allow you to stock up on some blood that also gives you certain boosters.


Out of these enemy types, Brutes, Rogues, and Creatures are the ones that give you a significant boost in mobility. Some of them may even let you heal quicker, but it’s important to note that drinking blood stores up. Later, you can use the Blood Mend ability to heal yourself whenever you need to.

4. Stay away From the Sunlight!

Ultraviolet radiation is not your friend in V Rising.
Ultraviolet radiation is not your friend in V Rising.

It may have been a hilarious decision to think of making vampires in V Rising so traditionally accurate that they simply can’t bear the sunlight. Well, it happens to be true in the game and every time your character is exposed to sunlight, your health is gonna take a massive hit.

During my playtime when reviewing V Rising, I almost died countless times not knowing how the sunlight was draining my life away. To prevent this from happening, simply move around in shadier areas and use the dodge ability as much as you can. Do this until dusk arrives, and the world becomes your playground.


3. Get a Mount Early

It's best to find a mount early on.
It’s best to find a mount early on.

The game doesn’t provide you with a horse right at the start, or any other means of traversal other than walking. This can become tedious after was while when you realize V Rising’s default movement speed is quite slow and it takes a while to get around anywhere.

Well, there’s a simple solution to this. Right after you exit your first spawn location, head north until you find a small farm southeast of Dunley Farmlands. A video by FireSpark81 on YouTube accurately points this out, so you won’t have any trouble getting past enemies while doing so.

2. Build Your Castle at the Right Location

Think of it as your favorite respawn point.
Think of it as your favorite respawn point.

Once you’ve progressed a little through the starting regions of V Rising, you’ll unlock new ways of crafting and building things for yourself. Being the most menacing vampire takes time, but it also matters where you choose to build your safe haven.


Farbane Woods is where you should be building your first castle, and there are good reasons for this. Firstly, it’s close to a lot of the bosses and challenging enemy types that you’ll encounter early-game.

Second, this is the closest area to call home once you’ve started exploring further bits of the game. Think of it as a callback point once you’re doing scouting areas to the west, north, and east of the map.

1. Coffins Are Your Best Friend

Don't leave your vampire all alone and unsafe.
Don’t leave your vampire all alone and unsafe.

I know that sounds grim, but hey, you’re a vampire! Right before you decide to leave the game, please interact with your coffin. This saves you a lot of pain in the long run, as doing this ensures that someone (or something) doesn’t obliterate you when you’re not playing. You see, your character will still be vulnerable and immobile when you’re logged off.


Sleeping in a coffin acts as insurance that allows you to pick up where you left off without worrying about losing any kind of progress. Regardless of PvE or PvP servers, just make sure that you’re occupying your coffin before you log off for the day.

V Rising Guides You Should Look for Once in the Endgame

Given how versatile V Rising is, there will be players who will dive into the PvP realms and be some of the strongest vampires out there. Others will harness the game’s PvE challenges and have a playstyle more suited to a solo or co-op way of enjoying the game.

Depending on your personal journey, it’s advisable to look into different build types, crafting recipes, boss guides, and more. The game is highly community-oriented, and you can find a lot of guidance on V Rising’s subreddit.


Is there an important tip or trick we may have missed out on? How have the initial few hours of V Rising been for you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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