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Valorant Looks to be Getting a New Weapon

Will the new Sniper Rifle change the Valorant's meta?


  • A new weapon for Valorant was supposedly leaked on Twitter.
  • The new weapon is a Sniper Rifle called Outlaw.
  • Fans had mixed reactions to the news.

Riot Games’ free-to-play tactical first-person shooter Valorant is one of the most popular games in the eSports scene. With one of the highest player counts currently, Valorant is undoubtedly a hit amongst gamers.

Recently, as per Twitter, a new weapon was leaked. Players weren’t quite amused with the leak. If anything, fans took to social media to express their frustration with Riot Games. They also stated that the studio should fix current weapons before adding new ones. It is worth noting that there is no official confirmation from Riot Games.

The supposedly leaked weapon is a Sniper Rifle, which is going by Outlaw. The weapon costs only 2400 credits. This means the gun could be an excellent middle ground between Marshall and Operator, guns already present in Valorant.

Outlaw: The Leaked Sniper Rifle for Valorant Causing Outrage

The leak shows the Outlaw Sniper Rifle in the Valorant Arsenal.
The leak shows the Outlaw Sniper Rifle in the Valorant Arsenal.

The leak happened on Twitter, and the post was made by an account called Valorant Updates (@ValorantUpdated).

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The gun’s mechanics, such as the fire modes, the scope and the magazine size, are nowhere to be found in the leak. So, the weapon could be semi-automatic or a one-round type. One possibility is that the gun could be close to the Scout, the Sniper Rifle, present in the rival game, CS: GO.

The Valorant Community had some mixed reactions to the leak. A subset did not take very kindly to the leak because of the game’s arsenal already being rife with weapons of various types. Other people were fascinated by the fact that Riot was supposedly adding a new weapon to the game.

I think they need to add something other than this… the Marshall is already damn near automatic… I guess it might be a slower Marshall that does more damage? Seems pointless though…

—RehlapzZ(@RehlapzZ) October 27, 2023

Some other gamers, however, appreciated Riot Games for adding Outlaw to Valorant if the leaks are accurate.


If this is true then finally huge W Riot

—Cead(@Scead__) October 27, 2023

It will be interesting to see how the entire community takes to Outlaw. That is considering if the leak is accurate. But it will undoubtedly take something creative from Riot to offer something different from the already existing Sniper Rifles in the game.

Outlaw May Be Added to Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 Along With New Agent Iso

Valorant's new upcoming Agent Iso looks awesome.
Valorant‘s new upcoming Agent Iso looks awesome.

Valorant Episode 7 Act 3 comes out on October 31. Valorant’s latest episode would also see the arrival of a brand-new agent, Iso.

Iso is believed to be a male and of Chinese Origin. The new agent is suspected to be another duelist being added to the game. The new season will also add a new battle pass to the game.

When the name of the latest operator for Episode 7 Act 3 was revealed. People took to social media and started taking digs at the agent’s name.

The agent’s abilities were also revealed to be the following:

  • E – Double Tap
    • START a focus timer. Once completed, enter a flow state during which downed enemies you kill or damage generate an energy orb. Shooting this orb grants you a shield which absorbs one instance of damage from any source.
  • Q – Undercut
    • EQUIP a molecular bolt. Fire to throw it forward, applying a brief FRAGILE to all players it touches. The bolt can pass through solid objects, including walls.
  • C – Contingency
    • EQUIP to assemble prismatic energy. FIRE to push an indestructible wall of power forward that blocks bullets.
  • X – Kill Contract
    • EQUIP an interdimensional arena. FIRE to hurl a column of energy through the battlefield, pulling you and the first enemy hit into the arena: you and your opponent duel to the death.

The new season also introduces the Valiant Hero skin collection inspired by the Chinese Mythological Character Sun Wukong, the Monkey King. The bundle includes skins for popular weapons like Operator and Vandal.

The new weapon could also significantly impact the Valorant Champions Tour (2024), which will take place in January 2023. That is because adding a whole new weapon to the game will naturally change the meta of the game.

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