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“Vin is embarrassed”: Vin Diesel is Allegedly Throwing Jason Momoa Under the Bus After He Got All the Praises For Fast X Despite Negative Reviews

"Vin is embarrassed": Vin Diesel is Allegedly Throwing Jason Momoa Under the Bus After He Got All the Praises For Fast X Despite Negative Reviews

Vin Diesel, who has acted in and produced the Fast & Furious films, deserves much credit for the series’ success. In the most recent installment, Fast X, Diesel stars alongside Jason Momoa, but there have been rumors that Diesel is not happy with Momoa’s performance.

Apparently, Diesel has blamed Momoa for the film’s poor reception, leading to rumors of a feud between the two actors.

Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa: The Clash of Ego

Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa
Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa

The $340 million blockbuster Fast X opened on May 19 to widespread criticism from critics and audiences alike. Film reviewers called it “convoluted,” “congested,” and “predictably ridiculous.” The film received negative reviews but still did well at the box office.

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Vin Diesel stars and produced the film, but according to insiders, he refuses to take any blame for its poor reception.

“Vin is embarrassed Jason is being branded the only bright spot in the film and stealing his thunder in the franchise he built himself,”

Instead, he is said to be pointing the finger at Momoa, saying that the actor is stealing the spotlight from Diesel.

“[Vin Diesel] is unwilling to accept that he might have played a role in the poor reviews. [He] is throwing Momoa under the bus, even though Jason is one of a few aspects of the film that critics praised.”

Fast X.
Fast X.

The actor has a history of public disputes, so, unsurprisingly, he’s in one now. Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who also appeared in the Fast & Furious films, was the primary target of these fights. Rumors of on-set fights and social media jabs fueled the tension between Diesel and Johnson.


Vin Diesel’s tendency to point fingers and shift blame raises concerns about his conflict resolution skills, as it is reminiscent of their use in their previous disagreements. Despite Diesel’s attempts to deflect credit, audiences and critics have praised Momoa’s performance in Fast X.

Is This Hollywood’s Next Feud?

Game of Thrones star and rising star Momoa joined the franchise as the flamboyant antagonist Dante. His performance has been singled out as a highlight of an otherwise underwhelming film. It has been speculated that Diesel’s attempts to diminish Momoa’s role in the film’s success are motivated by his envy of the actor’s rising star status.

Fast X
Fast X

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Many in the business believe that the conflict between Diesel and Momoa has the potential to become Hollywood’s next major feud. Due to the size of their respective fan bases, a feud between these two actors could generate considerable interest and coverage.

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The Fast & Furious cast should take heed of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson’s past beef. Diesel and Johnson’s reported feud on set negatively impacted their ability to work together and the success of the films.

The announcement that Johnson would appear in the installment signaled a potential rapprochement between the two. Nonetheless, Vin Diesel and Jason Momoa can learn a lesson from the past and figure out how to put their differences aside for the franchise’s last movie.

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