War Machine: Secret Abilities Of The Armor That Armor Wars Must Show

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War Machine is about to make a huge splash with the upcoming Armor Wars series. Here are a few secret abilities of the War Machine suit we want to see next.


There’s A War Machine Satellite Created For Planetary Defense

The WMDIn the comics, Tony Stark went to extreme lengths to make War Machine a true guardian of the planet. In more ways than one, Tony trusted Rhodey in ways he never trusted any other Avenger. He built a massive satellite array that could connect with the War Machine armor. In case of an outer space threat, the War machine armor could link up with the array and gain access to extremely potent space based weaponry. This ability effectively made the armor a weapon of mass destruction and James Rhodes became one of the strongest Avengers on Earth.


Techno-Morphing & Assimilation


Stark used retroactive technology that can adapt the suit according to the situation. As armed as War Machine is, there is not enough space for each and every weapon the exo-suit sports. So this feature comes in very handy. The War Machine armor could morph cannons and mini-guns using this super adaptive technology. It can also study any nearby technology and assimilate it into the suit’s weaponry to make it more effective. that is an ability Armor Wars must explore.

The War Machine AI Can Control & Integrate With Any Technology

The Software Is Just As Bleeding Edge

The hardware is bleeding edge. But so is the software. The War Machine AI may not be as popular as JARVIS or FRIDAY. But the tech is so advanced it is lightyears ahead of what humanity has to offer. through a series of complex protocols and data arrays within the suit, the War machine AI can interface with and take control of any form of technology, human or otherwise. James Rhodes may not be a hacker by profession but with his suit’s capabilities, he can hack into some of the most secure digital installations on the planet without breaking a sweat.

Chameleon Mode


The Chameleon Mode is just what it sounds like. The massive and bulky armor is easy to spot from a distance. And it paints for a very juicy target for enemy weaponry. So to get around that problem, the War Machine armor is equipped with Chameleon Mode. This feature makes the suit near invisible. And not just to the naked eye!! No radar or thermal imaging scanner could detect the suit when it is in this mode. It has helped James Rhodes get out of some really tough spots on some occasions.


Vibranium Mesh Around The Suit


Vibranium Laced

Vibranium is one of the rarest metals on the planet. Its unique properties allow it to take an incredible amount of damage without getting even a dent. It can also absorb and release kinetic energy. We saw the metal in action in Black Panther. The War machine suit is not entirely made out of vibranium. But it has enough Vibranium mesh to make it near impervious to damage. This ability is of course, from the comic books. Now that Wakanda has already appeared in Falcon & The Winter Soldier, they must appear in some form in Armor Wars. This could be a good way to do that.

Stark Tech Immunity

Stark Tech Immunity

Although built by Tony Stark, the suit has changed hands quite a bit. In the comics, the armor is equipped with both Stark-Tech and Stane-Tech. The Stane-Tech makes it immune to any attacks from weapons made out of Stark-Tech. The MCU has allowed the suit to incorporate Hammer-Tech into the suit. That could also work similar to Stane-Tech, allowing the suit to deflect attacks from Stark Tech weaponry with ease.

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