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‘We don’t want it, thanks!’: Rachel Zegler’s Diverse Snow White Gets No Takers as Fans Cry Identity Politics, Rip it to Shreds After Her Justification for Role

Rachel Zegler's Diverse Snow White

Snow White is finally getting a live-action adaptation after all these years. The upcoming live-action Snow White will have Rachel Zegler of West Side Story play the titular character of the movie. It’s going to be a remake of the 1937 movie, which is originally based on a fairy tale by the German folklore authors Wilhelm Grimm and Jacob Grimm.

A live-action adaptation of the movie is one that every little Disney-loving child would love to see, but fans who are of age have pretty much discredited the remake for casting a non-white actress as Snow White. Even Zegler’s justification for the race swap has proven to be unsuccessful in convincing fans to greet the upcoming remake.

Snow White FandomWire
Rachel Zegler at an event

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Fans Are Not A Fan Of The Modern Age Snow White

Snow White, directed by Marc Webb with a screenplay by the notable Greta Gerwig, got its first-ever look on Friday with a short teaser at the D23 Expo with a lot of applause from the audience present.

Rachel Zegler will be starring in the movie as the titular character, and so will Gal Gadot in the role of the Evil Queen, with Andrew Burnap being introduced as a new character for the movie.

Snow White FandomWire
Rachel Zegler on the set of Snow White

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After showcasing the teaser, a tearful Zegler took to the center stage to take about her character-

“It’s such an honour to bring the first full-length animated feature to life. Snow White is the girl you remember. She’s definitely made for the modern age. There’s such an emphasis on what it really means to be the fairest of them all. And for Snow White, it’s coming to terms with finding herself, her inner voice and finding a sense of agency so that she can be a just ruler and a wonderful queen.”

Despite her emotional description of what Snow White can be like, fans of the popular Disney character were not on the same page as Zegler. Most of them are pretty much against the race swap of Snow White with Zegler, who is a Latina in real-life. Here’s Twitter going crazy about it-

This user just disregards the movie-

This user hit out at Disney’s business model of recreating the same stories again and again-

This fan thinks it’s an issue of identity politics-

This user is angry over the race change-

This user insists on a white-skinned Snow White-

In all honesty, it does seem like Disney is overstretching a bit too far with the race swapping, which was unnecessary. But we can’t just judge a movie because of the skin color of a character, so let’s give Zegler a chance.

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Gal Gadot Is Grateful To Be Playing The Evil Queen

Gal Gadot‘s brilliant performances as Wonder Woman in the DC movies have earned her a righteous spot in the new upcoming live-action Snow White movie.

The Israeli actress will be stepping into the shoes of the Evil Queen Grimhilde, which is an interesting choice because a majority of the characters she plays are protagonists.

Snow White FandomWire
Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman

As excited as we are to see Gadot in the new movie, we also think she’s super-deserving of the role, and she herself feels pretty grateful for the opportunity to play the character in the upcoming movie.

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Gadot opened up about how different the role is for her compared to anything she has ever done while speaking to The Hollywood Reporter at the D23 Expo-

“It was amazing. It was an amazing experience. First of all, I am grateful for the opportunity to be able to play the first iconic villain ever. And to tell her story and to get into her shoes, I’m honored to do that. And it was great.”

“She’s so much different than anything that I have ever played before. And it was great to explore all of those differences, and to sing, and to dance. It was just delicious. And I enjoyed every moment with it.”

The 37-year-old is an amazing actress, and as we can see, she’s also very humble about her work and is always looking to try out new things in her career. We’re definitely looking forward to how menacing she will be in Snow White.

Snow White will have its theatrical release in 2024.

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