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Werewolf By Night Officially Changes Genre to Horror From Comedy, Fans Say Not to Fall For the Trap

werewolf by night

In an interesting move by Marvel, they confirmed to be working on a TV special called Werewolf by Night. Its first trailer was released at the D23 expo with veteran director Michael Giacchino set to direct the special.

Werewolf By Night
Werewolf By Night in the comics.

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While it’s not a conventional plot for the MCU, it’s expected to make history for a different reason as it will be Marvel Studios’ first Halloween special. The film will follow a group of monster hunters as they compete for a powerful relic.

Werewolf by Night turns from funny to scary

The special originally had the genre tags comedy, superhero, and some more, but Disney+ specifically replaced comedy with horror, which raised many eyebrows amongst the fans. Some believe the change was due to Marvel trying to make more serious projects.

Werewolf By Night
Werewolf By Night director Michael Giacchino.

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The MCU has received a lot of criticism for its placement of humor, with many arguing that it ruins the tension in scenes and paints character with the same traits. Many found this gimmick annoying in the Avengers film but unbearable in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law.

Fans refuse to believe Werewolf will be scary

While the decision has been praised by many, with the shift in tone being a welcome change, not everyone seems on board with the decision. Many fans believe there is a catch to the update as the trailer for Werewolf By Night already indicated the special will have comedic moments.

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Werewolf By Night
Werewolf By Night in Ultimate Spider-Man Animated Series.

This lack of trust stems from the reintroduction of Daredevil. Originally a serious and gritty character, fans speculate his cameo in She-Hulk Attorney at Law will turn Daredevil into a wise-cracking stand-up comedian and lose all the tension he builds in scenes.

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The distrust only increased as the casting for the Halloween special was also done to attract people with a background in comedy. According to POC Culture, Werewolf By Night was looking to hire an actor to play Betsy, who needed to have a strong background in comedy.

Disney+’s Werewolf By Night will be released on October 7.

Source: The Direct

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