“It’s been great to have a good friend”: Werewolf By Night Star Gael Garcia Bernal Reveals Andor Lead Diego Luna Helped Him Get Used to Disney Fame

Gael García Bernal in Werewolf by Night and Diego Luna
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Looking at the success that Marvel Studio’s new entry Werewolf by Night has amassed in the last few days is nothing short of amazing. With almost a perfect score on every review chart, it has become one of the most different and entertaining shows to have graced Disney+. With all the attention that actors in such projects tend to gather, it’s no surprise that they feel a bit overwhelmed by it.

Gael García Bernal
Gael García Bernal in Werewolf by Night

But luckily, there are always friends that help them out in these situations. And surely enough, Werewolf by Night’s star Gael Garcia Bernal had his friend come to his rescue.

A Friend In Need

While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, Gael García Bernal, who plays Jack Russel in Werewolf by Night, says that his childhood friend Diego Luna, who plays Cassian Andor from The Star Wars Universe in Andor on Disney+, has helped him through the overwhelming Disney experience. Due to the actors’ pre-existing relationship, it’s clear that they’re able to serve as a support system for one another amidst the extensive franchise fame.

werewolf by night
The success of Werewolf by Night seems to have overwhelmed Bernal

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“We are doing something [Hulu’s La Máquina] together right now, and so we’re always kind of in touch with each other. It’s been great. He’s also been a point of reference to help me. When we were at the D23 conference, he was the one who explained to me what was happening because it was my first time. It was quite crazy. But it was fascinating to be around all these other projects and people, and doing a press conference and press junket, in a sense, with all these different films and TV series was incredible. I wish all premieres were like that where the films and series are combined. So it’s been great to have a good friend who’s also living something similar as well.” 

Bernal said in an interview.

He praised Diego Luna as he talks about how he helped him through conventions, and interviews and just informed and guided him with the basic know-how of what it’s like to cope with all the fame as being the lead cast in a successful Disney project.


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What’s Next For Gael Garcia Bernal?

It’s fair of us to assume that this standalone Halloween special is not the end for Garcia Bernal. Werewolf by Night is one of, if not the most highly praised projects that Marvel Studios has completed so far, and it’s also the reason why fans are asking for more horror-driven shows from Disney+.

Werewolf by Night's Man-Thing
The audience also loved the Man-Thing from Werewolf by Night

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We hope that we get to see more of this spooky side from Marvel Studios, be it in the form of the werewolf, or by the other myriad of monsters that were introduced along with it.

Werewolf by Night, now streaming on Disney+.

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