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What Cobra Kai Season 3 First Look Images Mean For The Series

Thanks to Netflix, we finally have the first look images for Cobra Kai Season 3. The third season of the hut drama web series was supposed to stream this year. But after the show was taken over by Netflix, the streaming giant postponed the show’s air date. Now set for an early 2021 release date, fans have been since hung dry. New details on Cobra kai season 3 are scarce to say the least. Netflix releasing the first look images for the show might mean more than what meets the eye. There are hidden messages written all over it.

Let’s dive in and decipher them.

The pictures were released by Netflix via EW this Monday Morning. The pictures reveal all the major characters from the last two season dealing with the fallout of the season 2 finale. Last we checked, Cobra Kai Season 2 ended up with a battle royale between the two rival dojos of Cobra Kai and Miyagi Do. A fight between the students broke out between the two opposing Dojo students. The Middle School Brawl ended with Robby kicking Miguel to the ground floor. The fall ended with Miguel in a coma, battling for his life.

Cobra Kai Season 3 begins with Miguel still in the hospital. Robby is still running from the authorities after the cops started chasing him post the Season 2 finale. We can also see Johnny Lawrence and Daniel LaRusso in the footage. John Kreese ahs taken over Cobra Kai and he is ready to turn the tables on the dojo. Cobra kai is once again poised to become the venomous snake it once was infamously known to be.

Here are the first look images.

Kreese has taken over Cobra Kai. But Johnny Lawrence is not going to go down without a fight. Daniel is also joining in. There’s too much at stake right now. The three can be seeing in this picture looking at something. Maybe another All-Valley tournament match?

Tory was the one who started the Middle School Brawl. Hawk has cut off his ties to Johnny Lawrence. He always was a poisonous little snake. Both would make for pretty tough John Kreese students.

Johnny is not going to take this lightly. We might see a relapse. Remember the down on his luck, deadbeat Johnny ‘Handyman’ Lawrence during the Season 1 premiere? With no Miguel and no purpose, he might return in Cobra Kai Season 3.

Not much could be deciphered from this picture. Amanda was angry at Daniel for taking his rivalry with Cobra Kai too far. She and Daniel might be on to something here.

John Kreese is doing a good job of keeping his students in line. A lot of younglings could be seen in the Dojo. Even without Lawrence, Kreese is taking Cobra Kai to new heights. And he is doing it in his own way – Strike First. Strike Hard. No Mercy.

Sam is now in a major moral conflict. On one side she has found love in Robby Keene. In another side she feels like she has abandoned Miguel in his hour of need. Time for some fatherly advice!!

The long arm of the law finally caught up to him. Robby is in Juvie. We are sure some prison fights are in order. Maybe we will see another fan-favorite character spring from Robby’s Juvenile Prison days.

Demetri has had some really badass development as a character in Cobra Kai Season 2. he realized he can be a fighter if need be. He defeated Hawk in a one on one battle during the Middle School Brawl. And now he is making more friends. With Robby gone and Miyagi Do almost about to shut down, his comic relief will be what holds the gang together.