“What exactly happened on that set”: Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa Remark Concerns Fans as Actress Hints She Had to Deal With Something Unspeakably Terrible

Anya Taylor-Joy's recent interview got fans worried after hinting at a traumatic experience while filming Furiosa.

anya taylor-joy furiosa


  • Anya Taylor-Joy revealed her true feelings while filming George Miller's Furiosa: A Mad Max saga.
  • The actress avoided explaining her statement and told the reporter to ask her again after 20 years.
  • This has got fans worried about the actress and what she endured while filming the movie.
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Fans of Anya Taylor-Joy are growing concerned about the actress’ well-being after she shared cryptic statements in a recent interview. Starring as the young Furiosa in George Miller’s Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, the Argentine star seemed to have experienced some sort of grueling condition on the movie set.

anya taylor-joy in furiosa
Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Taylor-Joy stars alongside Chris Hemsworth and Tom Burke in the epic prequel film, and while she has previously professed her love working with the actors as well as the director, her experience while filming the movie was somehow very challenging.

Anya Taylor-Joy Made A Puzzling Statement That Stirred Fans’ Curiosity

The controversy sparked after the publication of her interview with the New York Times. Anya Taylor-Joy admitted feeling “alone” while shooting Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga.


I’ve never been more alone than making that movie. I don’t want to go too deep into it, but everything that I thought was going to be easy was hard.”

When she was asked to elaborate on her statement, the actress took a long pause before responding with, “Next question, sorry.” Then, she added, “Talk to me in 20 years. Talk to me in 20 years.”

Mad Max: The Wasteland
A scene from the Mad Max saga

The Queen’s Gambit star knew what she was signing up for when she joined George Miller’s project. “I wanted to be changed. I wanted to be put in a situation in extremes where I would have no choice but to grow. And I got it.” She knew that it was going to be a tough job, but she did not expect it would be that extreme and probably traumatic.

Taylor-Joy said that the director was very strict with his vision for Furiosa. She said that she was only allowed to show “my eyes for a large portion of the movie. It was very much mouth closed, no emotion, speak with your eyes,” something the actress does not really approve of.


Still, Taylor-Joy did not want to come off as insolent on the set, and she maintained her respect for Miller. “At the end of the day, this is his vision. I can present everything that I have, but his word goes.

No one knows what exactly happened on the set, but the actress claimed she never regrets the experience. Although, in her interview, she mentioned that there is no one who made a Mad Max movie who doesn’t understand what she felt. “Everyone that I’ve met that has, there’s a look in our eyes: We know,” she added.

Fans Try To Guess What Happened To Anya Taylor-Joy

anya taylor joy furiosa
Anya Taylor-Joy in Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga

Fans started speculating on what happened to Anya Taylor-Joy on the set of Furiosa. Check out their tweets below:



It’s a mystery for now what transpired on the movie set as the actress is still not comfortable talking about it. However, past actors in the Mad Max saga have also shared their grueling experiences while filming the movie.


In this case, it could either be one of the many speculations mentioned by fans. Only time will tell for now, but be sure to catch the premiere of Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga in theaters this May 24th.


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