What If: Marvel’s Strongest Zombie & How He Got Infected

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What If…? has been managing to bring in the most intriguing content to our Television screens, which is what all fans have been talking about these days. The latest episode of the series, titled “What if… Zombies,” was released four days back. The episode was entertaining to watch and packed with comedic and shocking moments. We are sure that this show has been satisfying all your Marvel cravings. What If: Episode 5 was no less than any of the rest and left us with an unanswered question.


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Before you proceed any further, if you haven’t watched the episode, we suggest you watch it and then return to the article. Because SPOILER ALERT!


Thanos, a Zombie?!

Marvel Fans Are Freaking Out Over Zombie Thanos

The episode ended with one of the most terrific shocks and an open end. It left us to think of possible scenarios and there arose fan theories. We saw at the end, Thanos had already turned into a Zombie. Even though we are still not sure how he was infected, it is clear that he will not be any less of a threat. In order for Thanos to turn into a zombie, it has to happen at a specific time in the timeline. The virus that is causing all the trouble moves at a super-fast rate, and we assume that its origin is Earth (quantum virus infected Janet van Dyne being patient zero).

And since Thanos appears on Earth with the four stones, Power, Reality, Space, and Soul, he was possibly caught the infection on the Earth itself. Because Soul stone will still require him to be a human and make a sacrifice to get his hands on it. He came to Earth to gain the Time Stone since, in this alternate reality, Doctor Strange was never abducted. This implies that the Time Stone was there on Earth. So when he arrives at Wakanda with his scary army, he only needs the Mind Stone to snap.


When Was Thanos Infected?

What If…? Episode 5 takeaways: MCU series delivers its most disturbing episode with zombies and an undead Thanos | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

We think that when Thanos arrived in New York to take the Time Stone, Doctor (Zombie) Strange was already killed by The Wasp. He did not need to make any efforts to take the stone since he found it lying on the ground. During that time, probably, he got the injury that later turned him into a zombie too. Fans have been speculating who could possibly infect the most powerful villain. We know that he is stronger than Hulk. And Hulk was unaffected by the scratches, so it has to be someone very powerful to hurt him. Among the many speculations, Wanda, Proxima Midnight, or a shrunken Hank Pym. The best part of the series is that the fans have an open ground for speculations.


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