‘What if the Rock’s talking about Sabbac, not Superman?’: Black Adam’s ‘No one on this planet can defeat me’ Comment May Not Be Talking About Henry Cavill

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Fans seem to be going wild with innumerable speculations and theories as the release date of DC’s Black Adam comes closer. And amidst rumors of the comeback of Henry Cavill’s Superman, stands the fan theory with regard to Sabbac’s role in the upcoming film.

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam
Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam

In the movie’s trailer that recently dropped, Black Adam is heard saying how he is undefeated and will continue to remain so. With regard to the same, fans are cooking up a major theory about how the anti-hero might just be hinting towards Sabbac and not Superman.

Fan theories claim that Black Adam will be defeated by Sabbac

In one of the early sneak peeks of the film, Dwayne Johnson, who plays the role of Black Adam is seen boasting about the fact that there is “noone on this planet that can stop” him.


Earlier, fans speculated this comment to mean that Henry Cavill‘s Superman will be the one to defeat Black Adam, since the former is an entity which isn’t from this planet. This in turn solidifed the rumors about Cavill’s comeback to DC even more, as people became convinced that they would get to see him in Black Adam.

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Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU.
Henry Cavill as Superman in the DCEU

However, a completely different theory seems to have surfaced with regard to Black Adam’s comment, one that focuses more on the red-horned demon than the red-caped hero. And given DC’s reputation for leaving its fans in a tortured anticipation about its superheroes, this might just have some substance in it.


Who is going to outdo Black Adam?

According to the latest fan theories, it isn’t going to be Henry Cavill’s Superman that’s going to best Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam. Instead, the latter is going to get defeated by the movie’s main villain, Sabbac.

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Who Is Sabbac - Black Adam Villain
Sabbac in DC’s comic books

Like the protagonist himself, Sabbac draws his power from six of the most dangerous and evil demons of the underworld, including Satan, Aym, Belial, Beelzebub, Azmodeus, and Crateis. The names of these demons also form the acronym for Sabbac’s own villain name.


Though Superman’s origin can be traced to a different planet altogether, Sabbac technically doesn’t belong to this world either. And as the fire-breathing demon is a being who is also from another world, fans believe Black Adam’s comment about nobody from this planet being able to outmatch him, might just bore an underlying implication that Sabbac, a demon from another planet, will be the one to best him.

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Does that mean Henry Cavill won’t appear in Black Adam?

As per sources, Henry Cavill’s feature in Black Adam is most likely a definitve one.


The Rock shared photos of him and the Man of Steel star just a while ago, teasing fans with the possibility of the latter having a cameo in his new movie. What’s more, is that an insider source recently confirmed Cavill’s role in Black Adam, claiming that Dwayne Johnson practically “demanded” Superman’s return.

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Henry Cavill FandomWire
The Rock and Henry Cavill

Besides, the fan theories about Sabbac and Superman are, at the end of the day, theories. The reality of the movie might even be totally different. Either way, the audience will only be able to find out after watching the film.


Black Adam will release in cinemas on October 21, 2022.

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